Friday, October 30, 2009


I know, I know. . .I've been away for a while, but a triumphant return is not too far away. Promise. Quite frankly, nothing too special or suitable for the internet has been worth blogging about this busy October. However, on the eve of college's greatest holiday, sitting here at the ComLax world headquarters bumping some Wale beats I had an inkling. We have a team of very good-looking, educated, creative adults with bountiful amounts of ideas for costumes circling around, so what better way to judge them than right here on the blog? So after this weekend of reckless debauchery and shenanigans, I will post up some tasteful pictures of Durham's top laxers in full garb and get a little poll going of which Wildcat has the best costume. Come one, come all prepare for costumes that are funny, ironic, tasteful, tasteless, offensive, shocking, embarassing, witty and everything in between. Prepare for the worst, but expect nothing short of the best photos to spice up your otherwise mundane Monday morning. Happy Halloween from the Boss and remember kids, sift through your candy before you eat it to make sure there's no razor blades in there.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Golf Tournament

So next weekend is Homecoming, which I'm sure everyone and their uncle is excited for due to the massive amounts of shenanigans that will be taking place. However, it also the annual UNH Men's Lacrosse Golf Tournament. So tell your parents, friends, uncles, loaded friends, alumni, professors, bosses, roommates, highschool coaches and really anyone that you think might like to play golf, eat food, and drink some beers (see: noun; Everyone). Not to mention, doing all this while donating to the essentially fundless UNH Men's Lacrosse team. It's simple math, an incredibly fun day for everyone + less fundraising for us + feeling good about donating to a good cause = UNH Men's Lax Golf Tourney. The form you can print is HERE , and send a check along with with the names and emails of the foursome playing. The video of me is below. Look forward to seeing you all there.