Monday, February 28, 2011

First Contest Moved

You can win, you can lose, or it can rain. That is what can happen on gameday. Well, Mother Nature reared her ugly head yesterday and caused a delay in our first contest with Southern New Hampshire. For the diehards out there, the game has been moved to 6 o'clock on Tuesday night in Manchester. This will be the first time we have been able to play against somebody in a different colored jersey this season. Coach Clark is literally chomping at the bit (what?). See you there.

P.S. Stay tuned, because in the near future the blog will be conducting a poll on what you the reader wants Sam Kerrigan to grow for the facial hair challenge. This will be up sometime this week so if the hilarious writing and updates don't keep you coming back, voting in this poll should.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Well I survived my birthday weekend, much to the credit of one Michael Maloney. I want to thank everyone who came celebrated and put up my shananigans. Let's move on

This is the first of a sequence I am calling Wildchats ( see what I did there). I will be interviewing a player on the team periodically just to give the outsiders a look into the players who make up our squad. This may not be a 60 minutes type hard hitting question sequence, but it will be entertaining. Lets begin.

Q: You went to Oyster River and then obviously to UNH were you nervous venturing out far from home?
A: Considering my high school is in the same town as my college, no I was not nervous about venturing 10 minutes from home.

Q:Your older brother samurai is on the team describe that coincidence
A:bad question

Q:Any chance you’re going to grow a killer moustache like your brother?
A: Unfortunately I got all the height in the family, and sam got the hair. My moustache is going to be a little sparse in comparison.

Q:I couldnt help but notice your facebook default is a lax action shot from you in high school...dont you think thats a bit dated?
A: To be honest I change my facebook photo like twice a year. I just am too lazy to change it all the time. Ill post a new one within the week if that will make you happy.

Q:If you could punch one kid on the team ( besides me) who would it be and why
A: Paul Harvey, because you gotta hit the biggest kid to get respect
Dan Milano, because he gets to ride a bike instead of run laps
It’s a tie between the two

Q:You have about 5 inches and 30 pounds on your older brother ..did you always pick on him growing up
A:No, believe it or not the Samurai you know is a very different one back at the house. He is just a mean person. My extra height and weight have nothing over his brutality.

Just a joke Sam, don’t get mad at me.

Q:What was your favorite n64 game
A: Golden Eye was my favorite when N64 was in its prime, however Mario Cart is what we play in the dorm room.

Q:rumor has it you went to see afroman live at the stone church in newmarket..describe the show
A: first Id like to point out that I had no ambition in going to this show, my friend purchased the ticket without my knowledge. The show was terrible; Afroman is so broke he was accepting 1 or 2 dollars for people to take pictures with him. It was pathetic.

Q:where is youre favorite place to eat in durham
A:The Turbo Pocket from Pauly’s Pockets would have to be my go to. Unfortuently it’s a little out of my price range so I don’t eat it that frequently.

Q:pulp or no pulp
A:Absolutely no pulp

Q:are you a better texter or dancer
A:Id have to say im a slightly better dancer, Im not phenomenal at either however I get laughed at for my attempt at spelling big words in texts.

Q:how come you refuse to give me some sweet ORHS swag
As much as I have let go my high school grudges I cannot bring myself to give a St Thomas player Oyster River lacrosse apparel.

ladies and gentlemen...John "Afroman" Kerrigan

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Shave today

If you are a fan of the UNH lacrosse team then get out the razors, get in a nice shave and then throw the razor away. Starting tomorrow, there will be no shaving for the wildkatz. For our trip out to Arizona the team has decided to grow out our facial hair for 25 days and then on the eve of the trip, shave it all but our mustaches. These eyes have seen some wild things, but touching down in Phoenix AZ with 25 rocking 'staches is going to be up at the top of the list.

Just to clarify if you want to join in, you may shave your disgusting neard but you may under no circumstances shave your mouth caterpillar.

Grow early, Grow often.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Friday, February 11, 2011

Whole Lotta Nothing

The first two weeks of lacrosse practice are just about in the books so I figured I'd check in. We will have our team solidified in a mere 8 hours so look out for the roster in the coming days. As for practice, well lets just say my sweet madras bro shorts are going to need a belt this spring if we keep our practice plan. Everyone is anxiously waiting to get outside so we can play in the friendly climate that is February in the Northeast.

Something that is bothering me about practice is people celebrating goals like they just wont trivia at the knot without the help of an iphone ( cough sam elmes cough). We are indoors and once goalies don't have to pick up white balls on a white background then you can start doing your 15 yard jog past the goal after you score. Does it take you that long to stop? I might have to get Hans to set up a castle of soda cans to teach you how to stop.

Our friends over at the Rocky Mountains gave us some sweet reviews on our new gloves. Here are there new "mittens."

Not bad not bad. I especially like the use of cursive. Reminds me of my phonics homework in third grade. One might ask, how come they don't have their state slogan on it? Well according to my thorough Wikipedia research the most recent slogan used on license plates were "Colorful Colorado." Not exactly as intimidating as live free or die. However, had I been in charge of design I would have definitely had : ( I have no idea when to use a colon ) Meet Me at The Walrus. Yes you can use that for next year.

Also I am going to steal/borrow/copy the interviewing a player. I hope we can still be friends.