Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Delayed Case of The Mondays

It has been a long hiatus since the last video. This is a great injustice and shall not happen again. I hope everybody had a safe, healthy, and calorie heavy Thanksgiving. We have alot to be Thankful for this year. I am thankful that I know Drew O'Connor. I imagine that you are thankful for being able to read this. I appreciate the compliment.

This is a big day at the blog. Not only do we have a killer video ( that I found all by myself, with no help from anyone) but Big Dog Barry showed me how to embed a video. Enjoy

P.S. I didn't find this video I send a special thanks to the finder. French Toast

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Friday's ( Saturday) Fan Of The Blog

It is time to honor someone who truly deserves it. Not only is Kelli DeDonato a fan of the blog, but she is a true diehard UNH lax fan. Kelli can be seen at most lax games cheering for her favorite long stick middy.....Dan Fugelstat. The past four times I have seen Kelli, she has brought up the blog. In fact, Kelli was the 20,000th visitor to the blog, a fact she was very eager to prove with a cell phone pic. Thank you Kelli for your continued criticism of the blog.

I have warned people before, I am nationally ranked at finding horrible pictures of you. I must be honest, it took longer than my normal 45 seconds to find one of Kelli. I am not even calling the picture horrible, I just can guarantee what is going on in this picture. This picture was an album entitled "prom" (creative). I am going to assume she was taking pictures for prom. She is flying solo in this pic, so I assume either her date hadn't showed up yet or she was going to the pre-prom cool kid photo shoot. Every parent is SO awkward about the solo shots so I assume Mr. Dedonato fired off about 15 solo pics, causing the Kelli to get a little annoyed, thus spawning an argument about one more picture. This forced, awkward, smile is what I believe to be...the last pic.

P.S. I know I have not posted a video the past two weeks and this is a day late. However, when I am knocking blogs out of the park ( which everyone except the blogfather is saying) I bet it is worth the wait.

P.P.S. Seriously, I can find anything on Facebook ...I bet I could find a bad pic of Marc Cochrane and he is stop traffic handsome


Friday, November 12, 2010

Friday's Fan Of The Blog

There are a number of ways to make the blog. You could be a sick lax bro who rips cheddar on the reg causing me to give shout outs. You could make a hilarious youtube video that I find hilarious and share it with the world. You could give me a piece of pizza in exchange for some publicity. You could devote hundreds of hours to the lacrosse team and do it all with a smile. Well today's fan decided to go the last route. To all the ladies in the place with style and Grace Lyons is today's Fan of the blog ( woah Jake that was clever). I had the pleasure of meeting Grace last spring and our friendship never looked back. I would like to thank Grace for all that she does.

Did you know about Grace- I did some serious facebook intel and found out a fact I am pretty sure that less than 1% of the UNH population knows. Grace Lyons was a high school cheerleader. I have photo evidence. Color me shocked.

P.S. Maggie and Kerry relax your day will come...I am going shortest to tallest

P.P..S. Let this be a lesson to you...if you consider yourself friends with me or anyone related to the lacrosse team I might think about untagging some facebook photos. I devote more time to this blog than my Communications in Law class.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Friday's Fan Of The Blog

(Not Pictured: Tim Harrington)

I have enjoyed my time as the blogfather but there is an injustice that must be rectified. For two years this blog called Young Drive home, and when it moved downtown, I payed no respect to it's roots. Therefore I would like to take this Friday to honor the boys who call 34/36 home. The boys have been more than good to me over the years. I am pretty sure I owe Cody around $40 in snacks. During the summer when I was to frugal to buy a parking pass, the boys let me throw the Malibu no questions asked ( just kidding Landlord). They have been good to me and it is time I return the favor therefore I would like to give the shout out to:

Dan "Applebottom jeans" Milano
Sam "I am unspeakably bad at pool basketball" Elmes
Marc I still owe the blogfather a PBandJ" Cochrane
Cody SOOO SICK" Cusano
Andrew "My name should be Ben" Hart
Dan "Dang" Hutchins
Tom "Where are my sleeves" Nazarro
Tim "The Professor" Harrington

I didn't check the spellings so everyone just relax

Keep on Keeping on boys

Monday, November 1, 2010

Case of the Mondays

Last year the Godfather Michael Maloney posted a vote for the best Halloween costume. I figured I would save everyone some time and energy and just post the best costume. The residents of the wombat palace killed it as the Wizard of Oz. Some highlights included the Tin Man chopping down a girl dressed as a Christmas tree and Dorothy rocking vintage bright red Nike hightops. Look at Morse's mane ...you simply catch coach that.

Special shout out to Sam "Samurai" Kerrigan for his teach me how to Snuggie. Don't worry Grandma, Ill explain it you.

Here is your video of the week.

To quote my good friend Ben Simmers: BUUUUUUNNNNDDDDDDYYYYY!!!!