Sunday, September 13, 2009

2010 Stick Regulations: UPDATE

Alright, so everyone knows about the looming rule changes about head measurements that is coming with this spring season. If you want to read the official rule book along with all of the rules, you can catch the PDF HERE. Otherwise, I'm here to hit you with the SparkNotes. So, as comprehensive a list that I've seen is as follows. And for player's on the team, I'm going to be putting in a larger order in the winter that will get us a pretty solid deal. So check out these heads, do your research, and that way when the time comes it'll be smooth and painless.

  • Evo Ti X
  • Spyne
  • Razer X
  • Evo X
  • Revo X
  • Mojo X
  • Evo Pro X6
  • Revo Pro X6
  • Gospel
  • Clutch X
  • Edge Asset X
  • Franchise X
  • Recruit
  • Voyce X6
  • Cyber Pro X6
  • Torque 3
  • Bedlam
  • Flow
  • Showtime
  • Super Power (what yours truly uses)
  • X10
  • Professor
  • Juice
  • Bazooka
  • Vision
UPDATE: Check out the Diagram at the top. We can use sticks both on the middle or on the left side.

Friday, September 11, 2009

I Wanna Blog Right Na,Na,Na

Alright, well I have several things to relay to the world, and instead of doing several clever posts with enlightening videos and what not, I'm gonna put it all here. Why? Because it's Friday morning, and I'm in bed still feeling the effects of the 2 dollar Grateful Deads I decided to splurge on yesterday evening. From the top:

1. If you look to the right ---> you will see that I posted an Akon track. Akon will be rolling into Durham October 8th for our Homecoming concert. Yeah, I know it hasn't been announced yet, but being the Face of UNH I have an inside scoop. So anyone here that is down with some Kiss 108-esque beats you should check this show out. And if anyone questions your source, tell em The Boss sent you.

2. On the same note, Akon is only a pre-show to the real festivities of Homecoming weekend. The morning after the concert is a day that I would call the best day of the year, but it's second only to CountryFest. The UNH Men's Lacrosse Golf Tournament is the 9th, at the beautiful Ledges course. To all the fathers reading this, I would highly reccomend you get involved with this because your irresponsible sons probably forgot to tell you. The course is amazing, the day is filled with every player on the team, tons of alumni, full blown barbeque, and basically a boatload of shenanigans. Not to mention that all of the profits will go to our club, and everyone knows we could use the loot. If you want to get a foursome together, you can email me at and I'd be more than happy to hook you up with a registration form. I'll be playing, just look for the guy with the plaid pants about 2 feet away from the pin.

3. On a completely different and serious note, I just want to remind everyone that today the anniversary of the tragic attacks on the World Trade Center 8 years ago. Everyone knows someone who is connected to these attacks, so take today and be thankful. Shake hands with a firefighter, thank an ROTC kid that's cruising around campus in fatigues, and take two minutes to call your mother and tell her that you love her. Everyone was affected by 9/11, and today is not only a day for rememberance, but day that we can look forward to the future and be proud to be an American. These colors don't run.

4. And while I'm on the topic of running. . .Us 'Cats opened up our preseason yesterday with some time trials of a mile, a 40, and a shuttle run. It was the best conditioned group of hacks I've seen in my four years here, especially when you factor in that we came in cold, with barely any training, just weeks after summer lifestyle ended. Everyone was under 8 minutes in the mile, and we had over 30 freshman come out and give it their all on day one with no intentions of leaving. So bookmark this blog on your Firefox because I'm coming back harder and faster than Brett Favre could ever dream of. And to all the players on the team I have one more thing you should be thankful for. Just be glad you're mile didn't end like this kid's. . . . . . .

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Welcome Back, Welcome Back, Welcome Back

To quote old school rap sensation Mase himself, in one of his catchiest beats:
"Hello boys and girls. How are you? You know, today is going to be a wooonderful day. Today could be a wonderful day for many reasons. We might get mail from the postman. Or, we might just get a song from Mase. Because I'm Back...Welcome back, welcome back, welcome back. . .
Well, I had a hard time deciding which track would lead us into this new school year, and had Mase himself on the burner but again, this is a family website and I understand that my older demographic may not be so keen on the hip-hop and/or potential lyrical issues. So I went with the greatest American artist of all time, but more importantly the inspiration for my psyudonym.

That's right we are all back in Durham, for what I will be referring as my Farewell Tour throughout this year. We are beyond full swing here at Young Drive, and encourage any and all visitors. So prepare for a few changes on the blog, some new content, and possibly even postings from some of my colleagues here in the duplex (probably not).

So check out that Mase vid, get down with some Bruce and COME ON UP TO Whit next Wednesday, September 9th at 6pm. All vets must be there and any rookies that are interested in balling out with the best talent that the 603 can offer. Oh and Markley, don't forget to bring your abs. (See what I did there with the 'come on up'? Pretty savvy. The kid's still got it.)