Friday, November 16, 2012

Fall Ball Recap

WHAT a fall it has been. between the acquiring of some new snipers, golf kart accidents and injuries the colder weather definitely had the 'cats reeling but of course we didn't crumble. It's time for turkey and wall ball until the warmer weather lets us get back to it. Even though it is coming to a close we still need to handle our business against Northeastern BU and the Eagles of BC who definitely haven't forgot the whooping they got by our hands last May. All the work comes down to tomorrow time to get after it.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Whoever just watched Monday night football in its entirety congrats you just witnessed the biggest mess up call in sports since the '72 U.S men's basketball loss to the Soviet Union in the olympics. Google it. I've literally never been more excited to hear how someone is going to justify a situation then I am to hear what Goodell has to say about the Seahawks win and just week 3 of the NFL in general. I hate refs like the rest of us but give me the normal zebra crews or I'm switching over to watching the CFL for the season.

Sunday, September 23, 2012


don't you think I forgot about ya Marty the number one highlight of today was you streaking down the field and putting one right past the SNHU goalie. Who ever said that coke, m&m's, cracker jack's, fruit snacks, chicken finger and fries from who ever will sell them can be bad for an athlete definitely hasn't checked out your athletic ability here's your fifteen minutes of fame you square

SNHU Tourney

Us 'Cats rolled into SNHU today expecting to pillage and burn the competition but instead ran into a few mishaps and mental errors which put us down early in games and ended up with us leaving the beautiful city of Manchester with an 0-3 record. great thing about these days in the fall is that these games mean as much as the NFL preseason does, it's all just a tune up for the real deal once the snow melts. while we were humbled and definitely know what we got to work on the other teams are gloating in their big wins. I'm not worried about it who would be worried about today. Instead let's look at the positives and the highlights. 1. we woke up at 6am and then proceeded to take a standard bus for the trip. top notch driving 2. SNHU was nice enough to let Benoit back on their field and not try to kill him 3. Cal will not be able to tell you what happened between the hours of 9am to about 3pm 4. C Ry's snips are still ringing in the air at the field 5. Ball can drive his legs and put a fogo on his back at the face-off X like no other 6. Our two goalies are definitely better than yours. I don't care who you are. They're better 7. we finally got to see POTTER SMASH on an opponent, not one of us 8. Coach Small's voice made it all the way to the last half of the last game. 9. The Warpigs were there. yay 10. Huston dropped someone no form strictly calf power So there's a few of the highlights of the trip we got absolutely nothing to worry about all on tape all can be fixed just time to put the work in.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The Beginning Of The Grind

Welcome back everybody I know this blog went downhill last year with two degenerates trying to run it but I can assure you now it is in great hands. I'll be posting everything lacrosse for the year, with a few other posts here and there to keep it interesting. This season is looking to be one of the best to date with the cats doing big things in Durham and as far beyond as a little area known as wine country but we'll get to that later. With fall practice already starting the returners are looking to get back at it and newcomers have been making that face to get that spot they came out for. Our fearless leaders Coach Clark and Coach Small chose the best guys to lead this cast of players in C Ry, Scott Potter and the one and only Joe gardiner on his last hoorah. The team is starting to take shape and the members of the PCLL should definitely take notice because this team is coming into the season expecting a nice trip down to Greenville SC to show the rest of the country how we do things in New Hampshire. Follow us on twitter, check us out on facebook and subscribe to see the faces of the team on youtube with our very own UNH lacrosse network courtesy of Eli Hayward AKA the next Steven Spielberg. The season is finally here LIVE FREE OR DIE.

Sunday, March 25, 2012


Guest Article by Alex Sellar:

Let me introduce you to LAXWAX, this stuff is going to be the next big thing in the lacrosse world. Soon enough every lax bro will have a stick of this stuff in their lacrosse bag. Some of us open minded players have been using laxwax for a couple months now and have been noticing the additional edge that it gives. Most notably, it is awesome for wet rainy days, the mesh doesn’t dry out and stays perfectly broken in during and after a wet game. Laxwax can also give you some serious grip for your shaft, this is a necessity for those shafts that are too slick, even when wet. The only problem with the stuff is that it covers balls in wax too, but it can be cleaned off, but really I don’t think I could get the rookies clean the balls... For more info on LAXWAX, hit up

Farewell Boulder

The Cats finished their trip last week 1-2. After losing to Colorado the team turned around and lay a beating on the Huskers 21-2. Connor McCarthey (Mac) had quite the showing with 5 goals and 1 assist. Flower had 3 goals and 3 assists. Lamay and C-Ry had 2 goals and 2 assists each. The following game against Clemson was a much different game. Although the score was 5-2 the Cats dominated many aspects of the game. The boys came out and showed how New England lacrosse is played by laying down the hammer. Per usual, there were plenty of hits by Potter, Elder Gauvin and Joey. C-Ry joined the list as well with one monster hit. Unfortunately the hard-nosed play wasn’t something that West Coast lacrosse was used too and the Cats spent a great deal of time in the box. The Cats out-shot Clemson 34-28. I will tip my hat off to the Clemson goalie, he had some great saves. Although the game ended in a loss the Cats set the tone for the start of their PCLL season by being a physical, high energy team.
The best part of the entire trip was the realization that we have two jungle book characters on our team. The bickering between the two makes the resemblance even better:

Steven Jordan

Unfortunately, after as much searching as possible I couldn’t find a picture of Coach Small to do justice for Baloo, but I think the Mowgli photo makes up for it.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Wildchats 4

Q: Chinese or Mexican?
A: Wo shi xuexi zhongwen. Wo bu shi Mexico… Ya that’s right I’m studying the china language

Q: If you were an animal what animal would you be and why?
A: One of those lizards that can run across water, closest you can get to being jesus

Q:Best place to eat downtown late-night?
A: Jack Stones without a doubt I heard they have a thing called the Currie’s Final Countdown that brings it’s foes to its knees.

Q: Lax wax or no lax wax?
A: Nice smell. Only comment

Q: Rumor has it you’ve had upwards of 6 concussions, how are you still enrolled at UNH?
A: Well brains are a funny thing memory comes and goes ya know

Q:Philly, Hoco, or Stillings?
A:Philly or die. Unless its Sunday morning at Hoco with Omelet Tom set a tradition

Q:Black or white mid-calves?
A: Only ones that can wear black mid calves are the Fab 5. And Ball

Q: Favorite TV show?
A: The original series on History Channel Swamp People Hurricane Katrina couldn’t put these crazy Cajuns down

Q: What’s the best way to unleash Potter Smash?
A: Me talking to him, looking at him, smiling at him.

Q: If you could punch anyone in the face on the team who would it be and why?
A: Marty. I can’t tell you why but it’s just something about his face.

Introducing Michael Currie

Special thanks to Jake Katz, creator of Wildchats.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Tough Start

The Cats came out with a rough start against the Buffs. With a 14-9 loss the Cats have a few kinks to work out before their games on Friday and Saturday against Nebraska and Clemson. The lack of mental focus, clears, and penalties; combined with the athletics and outside shots from the Buffs cost the game for UNH. Although the game ended in a loss, not all was bad for the Cats’. We played hard, physical and had a never say die attitude. The goal scoring was spread across the board with goals coming from Stohrer, Buckley, Younger Gauvin, Hayward, Currie, MaCarthy, Pratte, Flower and three assists from Gardiner. With a few less mental mistakes and penalties it could have been a whole different ball game.

On a less serious note, The Boys are out in Boulder causing a ruckus. Taking trips to the local establishments and turning heads everywhere we go, standing out as the New Englanders we are. Although the flavorful subs and spicy burritos are a nice change of pace to our clam chowder, I don’t think anyone is enjoying the increase in flatulence (I feel bad for Tom Ball Generazzo’s roommates). Our freshman goalie, Marty, has confirmed the stereotype that all goalies are strange by eating a diet of solely chicken fingers, French fries, rice kipsies and Ritz crackers. The constant video footage covered by Eli Hayward has opened the door for lots of shenanigans and pranks all through the day. Here is a short clip from the many hours of footage of the boys in transit:

There’s more where that came from.

With the Corn Boys coming up and Clemson to end the trip on St. Patty’s day UNH is ready to head out of Boulder with a solid 2-1 record.

Stay tuned.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Colorado Bound

Preseason has finally come to an end and all that hard work is about to pay off. Tonight the Cats’ leave for Colorado. Over the past month the Cats’ have played Merrimack College, Springfield College, Southern New Hampshire University and the War Pigs. In all four games the team improved in every aspect of the game.

The team has a few new faces that should be noted before the season starts. Number 17, John Tyler Markley, has returned from his year hiatus in the Orient to play some LSM. New to starting on attack is number 44, Dylan Stohrer, a Freshman transfer from Keene State and Dover local. The next new starting defenseman for the Cats’ is number 33, Kyle Pratt, a transfer from Hofstra University and Manchester local. Keep an eye out for the three this season.

Kyle Pratt

Dylan Stohrer

The Boys leave Manchester Airport at 6:40 and won’t arrive in Colorado until after 11:00 in Denver. The season starts with a game on Wednesday night at 6:00 MST against Colorado University. The Cats’ also play Clemson University at 4:30pm on Friday and University of Nebraska at 7:00pm on Saturday. There will be live twitter update of all three games so in order to stay informed follow the Cats’ at @UNHLacrosse. There will be frequent posts this week in order to keep the fans informed and up to date on UNH Lax.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Rumor Mill: Con Bro Chill May be Making his NH Debut

Sorry, it's been a while since the last post. I've been busy with academics and the like.

That being said, last night I had the fortune/blessing of receiving a Facebook message from the THE Con Bro Chill!


For the uninformed few who don't already know of Con's exploits inside and outside of the lacrosse community – his name is Connor Martin and he is an MCLA hero. Graduating from Chapman University in 2010 as the MCLA Player of the Year, the Oregon native has moved on to be a marquee personality in the both the indoor and outdoor professional lacrosse leagues.

Like they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. I think this speak volumes.

Outside of lacrosse Martin is known for making ridiculous fake news telecasts and equally as absurd music videos. More recently Con has started his own band, Con Bro Chill – this brings me to the point of the message. Con Bro Chill (the band) will be touring/performing/chilling in the Boston Area in mid-March. The band would like to meet up with some east coast club brethren and wants to make a stop in Durham. In terms of scheduling and logistics it is yet to be determined if this going to work out.

Here is what we could be in for:

Looks/sounds pretty righteous.

As far as I know, it is still up in the air as to whether or not this legend of club lax will be making a Durham pit stop on his conquest of the east coast, hopefully we'll find out in the near future.

Stay tuned for next time, I've got another post in the making.

- Stokes


He called me “brew”.. awesome.

Friday, February 10, 2012

2012 Spring Season

The Wildcats have two preseason scrimmages against two formidable opponents, Springfield College and Merrimack College. We play Springfield at 10:30 and Merrimack at 1:30 at Merrimack College tomorrow, Saturday the 11th. Come show your support for the Wildcats tomorrow or at any of our future games this season.


March 14th Colorado at Colorado 7:00 PM
March 16th Clemson at Colorado 7:00 PM
March 17th Nebraska at Colorado 2:00 PM
March 30th SUNY Buffalo at Buffalo 7:00 PM
March 31st Virginia Tech at Buffalo 2:00 PM
TBA Stonehill at UNH TBA
April 11th Uconn at UNH 5:00 PM
April 15th Boston University at UNH 1:00 PM
April 18th Boston College at Boston College 8:00 PM
April 21st Northeastern at Northeastern 4:00 PM
April 24th WPI UNH at 7:00 PM
April 28th URI URI at 2:00 PM

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Back in Action...Again

Apologies for the winter hiatus but... Looks like it's that time of year again! The 'Cats are back in Durham after a well deserved winter break and ready for a fresh season of lax, academics and consistent blog posts. The boys haven’t been entirely idle over the past month or so – under the direction of our new strength and conditioning Coach Ryan George the team has been getting fit and lean for coming beach season (Learn more about his work here..).

Blogmaster John Kerrigan is looking pleased with his results!

The 'Cats have also hosted their 3rd annual youth lacrosse clinic with over 100 Seacoast Area youth lacrosse players in attendance. At the clinic we were fortunate enough to have Boston Cannons mid-fielder Mike Stone with us. He put on a great shooting demo and helped out with some of the drills as well.

Mike Stone doing his thing.

The most feared defensemen in the PCLL breaking it down for the young ones.

That being said, this week marks the beginning of the spring season and we'll be in the lovely field house for a couple of late night practices. The boys better be sure to bring their A-Game's and some Neosporin® for that track burn.

- Stokes