Friday, April 29, 2011

Win or Go Home

Well as my good friend and musical inspiration Rebecca Black said: " Gotta get down on Friday." Well the mens lacrosse team has no choice but to get down tonight. With our final game of the regular season, we have to beat Northeastern to make our conference playoffs. So have a few pops, enjoy the weather and come to the game tonight at 7. Go Cats

P.S. I visit Northeastern very frequently and have gone to a number of basketball games. Last year when the Huskies were playing VCU I got selected to participate in the free throw shooting contest to win 5 free hotdogs from Spike's. Well any third grade girl can shoot free throws so I decided to back up and take some NBA range 3 bombs. After I schwaped a few to take a healthy lead on my overmatched opponent I backed up to the half court and absolutely BURIED the half courter sending the crowd of about 40 into a frenzy. Whats my point? The coolest thing ever to happen at Northeastern was done by a Wildcat. A Spike's hotdog has never tasted so sweet

God Bless

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Wildcats go down to Buffs by 1

Siiiiiiiiiigggh. The UNH wildcats fell to the University of Colorado Buffalos last night 9-8 to lose their fourth game of the year by 1. We came out of the gates flying and enjoyed an early 2-0 lead. The Buffs then played like a top 10 team in the country and scored 6 un-answered goals. We then had a little rally of ourselves to make the game 6-5 at half time. An even second half led to a see-saw game with back and forth goals. Once again we had one last chance to win it but the clock struck midnight with the final score Colorado 9 UNH 8.

Goal Scorers: Joe Gardiner 3 Mark Cochrane 2 Evan Flower 1 Dan Milano 1 and Connor Murphy 1

Zach Goodwin went 10 for 16 on faceoffs which is a good sign for things to come.

We have our last regular season game this Friday against Northeastern. This is essentially the first playoff game for us because if we win we sneak in as the 6th seed in the conference playoffs and have the distinction of being the one team that no one wants to play. We have lost 5 conference games by a combined 7 goals. Yes Johnny Mcenroe ...we are serious.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter

I just wanted to take the time to wish all the readers a happy and healthy Easter Sunday. If you strayed off from your hunt and somehow landed on this site I wanted to treat you with something extra special.

This is a picture of yours truly on the right, and your starting Long Stick Middie Chris Morse on the left, circa 1997 for Cocheco Lacrosse. Here are some observations from this amazing photo.

1) I think its safe to say that helmet technology has come along way. I think if we just tied a bunch of pillows to our head it would have been safer. Its amazing I can remember Spanish vocab words after all the head shots I took in third grade.

2) My father was angry at me this week/year. How else could you explain him making me wear those dapper goggles. I don't care how important vision is that is just inexcusable.

3) Look at Morse's chinstap. "Play Lax." That is a top notch slogan for a Lax helmet.

4) I was always taller and more handsome than Morse.

Enjoy the photo and your chocolate bunnies

Thursday, April 21, 2011

All Stick

EMBED-Lacrosse Cheap Shot To Head - Watch more free videos

Wildchats 3

My relationship with Maggie our manager is as follows. I pretend I can tolerate her in the hopes she will bring me snacks on the bus rides.

In all seriousness, Maggie is a member of the lacrosse team who does a lot for the team behind the scenes and in Twitter Land. Not a day goes by that I don't get a constant reminer about how I have never blogged about her. Well Maggie leave me alone, because you are the subject of Wildchats 3. Lets get this over with.

you are the unh lacrosse manager....why
I got an email, replied, didn't know what i was getting myself into and the rest is history. Also, looking for my soul mate

you bring me snacks for the long bus rides, what would you guess are my favorite snacks
Cool Ranch Doritos, or Goldfish Originals. You stole my pretzels once.

what is your favorite Law and Order ?
The last Law and Order I watched was with my dad when I was 10. I just like the theme song.

What is your favorite Josh Harnett movie?
Pearl Harbor. He's so god damn sexy that I think about breaking up with Ed when watching it.

Who is your favorite player?
Lately, Tom Ball. We had a rough start but I think he's come a long way.

If you were going to invite a lax player to your cocktail who would you take?
Jake... I was going to ask you... now this is awkward..

who has the kindest eyes on the team?
Well I'm not sure... but it could be Samurai, if he ever opened them.

If you were to describe Big Dog Barry Katz in one word it would be: Gregarious -

If you could punch one person on the team in the face who would it be?
Garrett Buckley because his pregame music songs are standing on my last nerve. We get it, We get it, Wiz Khalifa does mash ups.

Keep on truckin- Frank the tank

Friday, April 15, 2011

BU tonight

We got the Terriers tonight. Follow on Twitter

Also, there is some rumblings going on about some fans wanting to be the blogfather for their April-Ween costume. If you choose to do are some tips just so you can pull off the look properly.

My Katzpri's are 2 inches below the knee and gray
I put on four lines of eyeblack and smear it down so people are afraid of me
I often have a fresh aroma compareable to Cooler Ranch Doritos
My right arm is a liiiitle bit longer than my left
And lastly, my abs have been compared to the statue of David

No one said it would be easy.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

UNH update

The UNH lax team has gone 1-1 since the tough loss to BC last week. This past Saturday we traveled down to Storrs Connecticut to take on the Huskies. Once again we fell behind early trailing 5-3 at half time. A back and forth game played out for thirty minutes. Down by 1 with 15 seconds left and the ball the Cats had one final chance to tie it up. Unfortunately, we never got a shot off and the final second ticked off with the scoreboard showing UCONN 8 UNH 7.

Goal Scorers Evan Flower 2, Joe Gardiner 1,C $ 1, Mark Cochrane 2, and Ed scored his first career goal.

We didnt have much time to sulk and lick our wounds as we had to travel to the beautiful city of Worcester on Monday night to take on WPI in the annual Coach Clark Classic. We imposed our will early and often and cruised to a dominating victory. Some young kids who have been working hard got a chance to show what they could do. Final score was 17-5.

10 different people scored goals. If you want to get your name on the blog...score again.

This upcoming weekend is a big one for the Cats. We have two league games is 19 hours. We travel to BU on Friday for a prime time game against the Terriers. The next afternoon we welcome PCLL newcomer SUNY Buffalo to Durham for a Saturday afternoon game. What makes that game special is that the fans are asked to come in costume for our inaugural "April-Ween" game. Everyone loves dressing up and everyone loves heckling people from Buffalo about living in Buffalo. Kill two birda (Buffalo) with one stone and come to the game in a costume.

Until next time

Thursday, April 7, 2011

BC 7 UNH 5

Your UNH wildcats lost to the #8 ranked BC Eagles 7-5 last night in front of a loud and hydrated crowd. BC went up 2-0 in the second quarter but UNH fought back to make it 3-2 Wildcats at half. After trading goals, BC found itself up 7-5 midway through the fourth. Despite a frantic effort and never-give-up attitude the Wildcats couldn't put another one on the board and it ended 7-5. BC improves to 5 -2 while UNH falls to 1-4.

Alright, now that we got that out of the way lets play some Thursday morning Goalie.

The energy is back for the wildcats. We were not the same team that took the field against URI.

Jordan Gauvin enjoyed the best game of his career. He played good D and sparked our transition game. Also took a number of good faceoffs

Our defense played very well and once our offense clicks, we will be a tougher team to beat

Our next game is against UCONN in Storrs at 7PM on Saturday. Hopefully the players are still hungover from Monday nights riots

We have the rowdiest fans I have seen/heard to date

I broke my head during the fourth quarter. This makes me sad

Goal Scorers: Evan Flower 2, Dan Milano 1, Cal Bailey 1, and Sam Elmes 1

Sunday, April 3, 2011

BC Game Postponed

There is an old baseball saying that goes something like: You can win,lose, or it can rain. Well Abner Doubleday forgot to add the "you can not clean off the field of snow on a gorgeous 50 degree day." That pretty much sums it up. We couldn't get the field cleared off and the game got moved to Wednesday night at 8( do your homework early, if you still go to class). Anyone louder than the Big Dog Barry Katz gets their first O'doul on me that night.

In other news, there has been a culture change for the lacrosse team. This change is extending all the way to the blog. I vow to spend more time reporting on games after, because you the reader demand it.

I know the mustache pictures are more overdue than my Dialogue and Teamwork term paper but they will be up this week.

Lastly, here is the punishment for the Elian Gonzalez miracle. It can not be understated how tight these jeans were. My thighs have still not recovered. My hand in my pocket is as far as I could get anything in those pockets. The lesson being : If you wager a Scott Lamay wardrobe you got to go harder to the bucket than Elian Gonzalez.

See you Wednesday night.