Monday, May 2, 2011


The UNH wildcats are going to the playoffs baby. Following a 9-5 win over Northeastern we snuck in as the 6th seed and have a rematch we Boston University on Wednesday night in their barn.

The Northeastern game was an exciting back and forth contest until we opened it up in the fourth quarter. Joe Gardiner put the team on his back netting 5 goals and adding an assist. The defense played well the entire game, forcing a lot of turnovers and letting our offense dominate time of possession.

Goal Scorers : Gardiner 5 Conor Ryan 1 Milano 1 Buckley 1 Mark Cochrane 1

Lastly, there is literally an elephant in the proverbial room for our Lacrosse team, but as a journalist I have a duty to report the truth. Here it is : STA alumns are straight killing it.

Joe Gardiner- Leads the team in goals and 2nd in assists
Zach Goodwin- 16/18 in faceoffs against Northeastern
Chris Morse- Transition sparker for the defense and has a pretty impressive post-goal-stick-spiking celebration
The Blogfather- Leads the team in saves and time spent in cut off sweat pants
Big Dog Barry Katz- Leads the league in Winnebago's owned and pulled pork sandwiches

See you at BU

P.S. It was senior night