Monday, January 31, 2011

The Day Has Finally Arrived

Dust off your tennis shoes, drink your doctor recommended eight glasses of water, and carbo load because UNH lacrosse officially starts off tonight at the convenient time of ten o clock. Coach Sullivan's practice plan (written on the back of a Ballard's napkin) was discovered on wikileaks.

11:55-11:59(good inspiring speech)
11:59-12:00 (thank me for winning every sprint and being an inspiration to all)

See you there.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Pre Season Over/Under

The season is just around the corner and I got unprecedented access to Vegas's over unders for UNH Lacrosse this season. What kind of a blogger would I be if I didn't share them. Get out your wallet cause I am paying for your spring break here. Let get started.

Over/Under Wins at 9.5 - I am taking the over of course. With 11 games and 3 of them against top 20 opponents, we are going to pull of an upset. Hammer the over

Over/Under Dan Milano Assists at 30.5 - I am taking the over. This may surprise some people as leading scorer Michael Maloney has since left. Maloney was a good finisher and got many of his goals from Milano (despite his shockingly low athletic ability). However, it is forgotten how many assists Milano WOULD have had simply if Maloney learned how to fake a goalie and did not insist on shooting high. With the same attack unit returning, I am actually going to take the over on Milano's assists. Play the over, but don't hammer it

Over/Under Mark Cochrane Lazy Penalties at 6.5- Whispers on the wind are that Mark Cochrane was so inspired by Natalie Portman's performance in Black Swan he dedicated himself to better footwork. I'm taking the under

Over/ Under sprints I Win .5- Under.

Over/ Under Tom Nazarro and Tim Harrington combined goals .5- Over. Heard it here first

Over/Under times Coach St. Germain tells the defense that communication is key 309108109394.5- Over. John Nash would have a hard time calculating this one.

Over/ Under times Scott Lamay makes me feel uncomfortable with his wardrobe 5.5- Over

Over/ Under save percentage this year 65 - Over. I would bet my house with my mother in it on this one, and I did.

Over/ Under Barry Katz led tailgates this year 4.5- Under. As much as it pains me with only 5 home games even the greats have scheduling conflicts such as parenting.

Over/ Under PCLL titles this year for UNH .5- Over.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Monday, January 10, 2011


Tonight is the night. After running by everybody all season the Ducks head down to Arizona to take on the Auburn Tigers and the best recruit money can buy in Cam Newton. If you are a sports fan this is game is a must watch. The Ducks average 50 points a game and could march down the field faster than Drew O'Connor can get down a steak and cheese. The game also has some ties to the great UNH as the head coach Chip Kelly was the offensive coordinator for the Wildcats before taking the job in Eugene.

I can not wait for the game which kicks off at 8:30 ET. I will be loud cheering on the Ducks and going pushup for pushup with the mascot after every touchdown.