Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Boss Is Going Global! Needs Your Help

After cruising around on, the national website for Club Lacrosse news, updates, forums, etc. I saw that there were a few articles on there written by current MCLA players. Late into the night, on a whim, I thought to myself that I could easily do that. So I sent the founder of the website an email with some information, a few articles, and a link to your beloved blog. We exchange a few e-mails, and next thing you know, he asks me if I would be interested in writing a weekly first person column chronicling UNH Lacrosse. First matter of business, however is to come up with a reoccurring title to run with it. This is where you all come in. I'm looking for something catchy to run beside my name and that will be associated with UNH Lacrosse for the rest of the season. A couple examples:
  • Fight On! (USC)
  • Griz Blog (Montana)
  • Fire Up Chips! (Central Michigan)
  • The Boomer Sooner (Oklahoma)
So if you have anything creative, cool, funny, or simple, please post it in the comments section below and we'll decide which one to run so I don't end up writing a column called the Wildcats Weekly.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Ladies and Gentlemen, Your Crease Defenseman

This is the first and newest feature of the blog, in which I will regularly find ridiculous and most likely embarrassing pictures of members on the team, and post them here for the world to see strictly for the humor. The pictures will be accompanied by likely hateful commentary and hopefully several comments from my devoted readers. No one is safe. That is, except me of course.

Welp, this is the photo that sparked my idea for the column. The all intimidating, bearded, one-sliding, mountain man that is Finnian Donovan seems to be upholding a different image in this photo. From the side-part, to the matching tie, all the way down to the one high sock, Finn looks less like the lumberjack he is today and more like a penny-loafer wearing noob that just got let out of a locker. Also, on a sidenote, Fact: This was not on Halloween, just a regular cocktail outfit. We salute you #11.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Wildcats are Caged, For The Meantime

(Photo Courtesy of Jake Sullivan's trendy new iPhone)
Despite the inevitably unforgiving New England weather, the Wildcats are in full swing, practicing 4-5 days a week. The puzzle is finally looking like a whole, however there's been one piece that has been noticeably absent this preseason. A field. Yup, the 'Cats have spent this January and February inside Lundholm Gymnasium, UNH's newly renovated field house. Restricted to an area within an indoor track, as well as the track itself, the boys have made due with whatever facilities they can get their hands on.

"Its tough with the spacing," said team President Dan Milano. "But playing in New England we have to take what we can get this time of year. The guys seem to be taking it well and are expecting a smooth transition onto the fields once we can get out there."

Opening up the first weekend in March, the Wildcats are hoping to be back on Memorial Field in the closing weeks of February to at least get some field work in before UMaine comes down to Durham, but Mother Nature makes no promises. But in full gear, inside a poorly ventilated room, and completely out of breath, there's one thing the 'Cats can look up to and remind them thats it's all worth it: A 20 foot banner that runs across an entire wall reading
Tradition. Pride. Excellence. We Are NEW HAMPSHIRE!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Conference Notes

  • Boston College started off their season 2-0 with two non-conference victories. They beat The University of Florida 15-5 and also defeated the Georgia Bulldogs 11-6.
  • The MCLA launched two brand new websites this week. One snazzy upgrade for the league itself, and another for their monthly MCLA Mag.
  • UNH's first game will be a non-conference bout on March 7, against the University of Maine at 2:00 p.m on Memorial Field.


In completely unrelated, however incredibly important other news, the greatest player to ever step foot on a football field has officially retired today, for real. After 17 seasons, Brett Favre has hung up his Hall of Fame boots with every major passing record the NFL has ever known, as well as the honor of being my favorite player to ever live. Respect the Greatest of All Time. Heroes get remembered, but legends never die.

Friday, February 6, 2009

No Respect

From PCLL: At first glance, you just hand the title to Boston College. They have won it before and have been a top MCLA team for several years. But BC took some major losses on defense and in goal. And I’m not convinced that their recent success wasn’t directly related to the previous head coach. Now, two years removed from his departure, may translate to less dominance. And then there is Boston University, who had a great showing against BC in the regular season, but didn’t fair so well in the rematch. BU’s talent is all back but a large senior class did depart. Overall, I like BU’s chances but I have to go with Boston College especially after seeing the pedigree of their incoming freshman (all very good lacrosse high schools). If you are wondering about Northeastern’s chances, just wait one more year and then ask. Nationally, however, I think the losses on BC’s defense will be too much for them to overcome, even though they can come at you from many angles and will get better as the snow melts in New England. NC Predictions: AQ: #12 Boston College - 1st round loss.

Well, if anyone needed anymore motivation, it's right there in print. The "experts" of the MCLA have taken time out of their busy schedule to mention BC, BU, as well as Northeastern before finally arriving on the Eagles as their choice to win the PCLL. Between this and a tied #3 preseason conference rank, it's safe to say that there is no respect out there for the Wildcats...

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Wildcats Reach Out and Host 3rd Annual Wildcats Lax Clinic

We will be hosting our third annual youth lacrosse clinic this weekend, in an effort to help out local young players who are looking to improve their skills. The clinic, to be held Saturday afternoon on the top floor of the Whittemore Center, is expecting a big turnout based on the fact that over thirty kids ranging anywhere from 5th to 8th grade came out last year to meet the entire team, and learn how to ball like champions. It begins Saturday morning at the Whittemore Center Arena.

The MCLA: Love of the Game

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

UNH Lacrosse Names Cabinet, Begins Season

Despite a bitterly cold fall, and the frost that already lingers on top of Bremner Field, the University of New Hampshire’s Men’s lacrosse team is on track with their season and ready to compete for a PCLL Championship and a shot at the National Tournament.

This fall, Coach Jake Sullivan and his squad elected an entirely new cabinet filled with several positions that the club has never seen in the past as well as the standard heirarchy. Midfielder Dan Milano (Reading, MA) was elected as the team’s president, and Tom Nazzaro (Braintree, MA) was voted into the Vice President spot. Also receiving the nod into office was another former Reading Rocket, as Mark Cochrane took over as Treasurer and newcomer Tim Harrington will handle the secretary duties for the Wildcats. But that’s where things stop being normal.

Sullivan also elected the envious jobs of Equipment Manager in rookie Tyler Markley, and fellow rook TJ Burkish to manage the field before and after games. In addition to that, another freshman, Sam Elmes is now charge of Alumni Relations and getting former ‘Cats to attend games and donate to the program.

But beyond that, James Rubio (Randolph, NJ) and Ian Osgood (Bow, NH) were elected as Fundraising and Conditioning Coordinators, respectively. “Oz” will be in charge of keeping the team in shape in personal workouts outside of practice and gym time.

The Wildcats are captained by midfielder Tim Oleson (Chester, NH), who will be in his second year at the helm as well as attackman Michael Violandi (Marshfield, MA) and defenseman Danny Crisafuli. Sullivan made his decision based on several factors including leadership, conditioning, dedication and attitude.

Most importantly, however, there is one member who runs the entire show for the Wildcats, and does it completely behind the scenes. Returning for her second season, the team is thrilled to welcome back the beautiful and talented Whitney Pilsbury who handles the duties of team manager. Keeping stats, setting up meetings, scheduling everything, and handling all of our preseason logistics, Whitney is a vital asset to the 'Cats who would be lost without her undying efforts.