Sunday, August 29, 2010

New boss chosen....

All good things must come to end. In his last move as The Godfather of this blog, Michael Joseph Maloney displayed the cerebral and intestinal fortitude that typified his reign. With confidence he chose Jake Katz to lead this blog into the future.

In his first act as the new blogboss Jake declared a new attitude of transparency and issued the following introductory press release.

For Immediate Release - August 2010
  • My name is Jake Katz
  • I am #6 in your programs (and #1 in your hearts).
  • I am a Senior Communications Major.
  • I enjoy listening to Dave Matthews Band and have an encyclopedia like knowledge of all Disney Channel Orginial Movies ( This will not be the first time Smart House is referenced)
  • I don't find Princeton Maze to be a waste of time at all
  • I left my heart at the Walrus in Boulder Colorado
  • We are going to have some fun this year so stay tuned

Here is a trivia question for nobody in particular

What music band or singer has made the most money off touring in the past 10 years?

I could tell you, but why don't I SHOW you..... (click me good)