Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Blog Is Back!

After the past 6 months of inactivity the UNH lacrosse blog is back up and running. Jake Katz, the old blogboss, has stepped down and moved on into the real world. The blog has now been passed down to John Kerrigan and Adam Stokes.

As our first blog post we decided it would be in the best interest of our readers to introduce each other.

Adam “Stokes” Stokes

• Sophomore WSBE – Finance and Marketing Major
• Lacrosse: Midfield/Attack (Depends on how Clark is feeling that day)
• Favorite part of lacrosse: line drills
• Most chill kid on the team
• Has a freakish knowledge of all youtube videos
• The only human on earth to “hate” Seinfeld
• Spends 85% of his day napping in bed
• Eats strictly food covered in Franks Red Hot sauce

John Finley Kerrigan

• Sophomore WSBE Student: Majoring in Finance and Minoring in Math
• When he’s on the field he plays defense. When he’s on the dance floor …strictly offence.
• Known for his many illustrious nicknames: Afroman, Kool-Aid Man, Palmdale, Jim Kerrington, Little Samurai, Poo Bear and more recently Good Ol’ Iron Jaw.
• John is the forgotten middle child in a family of four.
• However, it’s quite possible he has the highest GPA on the team (besides any Communications Majors).
• He also has great quads (even ask Jordan Gauvin).
• Lastly, he’ll probably be doing more blog posts than me this season