Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Preseason Rankings

Seeing as this is a lacrosse blog I figured every once in a while I should post about...lacrosse. Lacrosse Magazine recently came out with their preseason rankings and the UNH Wildcats earned the #19 spot. Now we all know that preseason rankings are about as useful as the Princeton Maze but it does give us something to talk about in the cold winter months.

Our schedule is going to be very challenging if the rankings are anywhere near accurate. We get to play #2 ASU, The Red Hot Buffs at #7, and divisional foe BC at #15 respectively. Couple of big wins and the ranking is going to soar like Google Stock.

I would like to take this time to wish everyone a very happy holiday season. I look forward to seeing everyone back at preseason. I will be the one winning every sprint.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Case of the Mondays

It is finals week here in Durham. While many cram in the library half looking at flash cards and half looking at Facebook, I am already done and will take this week to catch up on my Boardwalk Empire and refine my NFL BLITZ skills. Despite finals week looming, it is important to remember that Jay Cutler is without a doubt having a worse Monday than you.

While most of New England could take pride in the way the Patriots handled their business in the windy city, it does not change the fact that Mondays are flat our brutal and we could all use a little break from our routine and enjoy a clip. We got our second SNL video of the year and one of my all time favorites. If Jimmy Fallon wasn't in it this clip might be considered perfect.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Friday's Fan Of The Blog

Since joining the lacrosse team in 2009 I have had the pleasure of meeting without a doubt, the biggest fan of UNH LAX. That fan is the one and only Chris Harrington. Harrington is a staple on the UNH sidelines whether it is verbally assaulting referees or giving Vince Lombardi like pre game speeches to players. Chris is an absolute legendary competitor and expects perfection from everyone. When Chris was playing in a flag football game with the New England Patriots and Tully Banta-Cain wasn't getting it done, Chris pulled him out of there and showed him how a real man plays linebacker. Obviously that fire isn't hereditary as the only thing I have seen his older brother win is a race to dessert stand at the dining hall.

With the winter days coming and preseason fast approaching I look forward to another season of Chris Harrington cheering on the 'Cats.