Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Coming Attractions for 2010

Just a little video I made this morning to get the world fired up for our season. Song belongs to Deadmau5.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

'Cat Nip Is Back! (sort of)

Well, I finally got my new username and password to do some solid write ups for the national MCLA website, , and posted my first one of the new millennium which you can conveniently find right HERE. I'll try to update periodically up there about game updates, spring trips, or anything else that might interest those blog-readers who have yet to discover this blog. The first one is bland, strictly a press release about our new schedule. So mark your calendars at home and get your popcorn ready, because remember, CatNip is not just for cats. To read all of my old Cat Nip columns to prepare your brain for the phenomenal writing you will endure this spring, click on the logo on the right column....or right here if your lazy.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

New Website Up and Running

We have finally caught up with the times, dumped our old, broken down, HTML based website and have launched something spectacular. We're still getting some of the kinks out with domain name, which will soon be easily accessible at but you can check it now here for now. Just click ENTER and you will be sent to the new and improved website that features sections for multimedia like pictures and videos, along with a fully functioning store that you can purchase some UNH Lax swag, and. . . sadly to say, a section entitled Blog. That's right, I have been informed the the blog will be moving from here to there sometime soon, but will still function from here as well. I feel like Conan, but the truth is that it looks cleaner there, not to mention it gives you access to everything else UNH just a click away. So bookmark the new site, check it out, buy some merch and enjoy our new eye-friendly website courtesy of internet savvy Vice President Dan Hutchins.

Wildcats to Host 4th Annual Wildcats Lax Clinic

(Insert Your Son HERE)

Quite frankly, it would be un-American of us lacrosse players not to share our knowledge to the younger Granite Staters who look up to us in such a deserving light. So, without further ado, I am proud to announce that we will be hosting the 4th annual Wildcats Lax Clinic on Saturday, February 13. After a phenomenal turnout last year, we can only hope that more parents and kids will spread the word so we can top what we did in 2009. The clinic will be from 9am-1pm and offers copious amounts of benefits for the kids taking part. Along with getting to meet the best blogger on this side of the Hampton tolls, each player will be provided with:
  • Snacks, water, refreshments.
  • A UNH Lacrosse Clinic reversible pinney
  • One on one instructions from the entire UNH squad
  • Head and assistant coaches will be present as well
  • Instructional drills along with controlled scrimmages
The clinic is $50, but wait, there's more! If you have more than one child interested in coming, it will only be $35 for each additional kid. Us college students understand the tough economic times, but this truly is a deal that should have been pitched by the late Billy Mays. So if you have any sons interested in learning some new skills and drills, or just wanna get a full gear run in before the season starts, please email our new team president, Tom Nazzaro at and he will get you all set up. If you don't have any younger kids, help out our cause and tell your friends, co-workers, Fantasy Leaguers, mailmen, and really anyone that might be interested, and it will be greatly appreaciated.

We will do our best to make your children good enough to play at Syracuse, but hopefully they will know their roots and choose UNH instead.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Happy New Year

Hope everyone had a safe and relatively sensible holiday season. I for one, had a phenomenal Christmas and a shocking New Years Eve, but now comes the time when people decide to make "resolutions" to make themselves feel like they have a fresh start, and I must begin to think about graduating college, but more importantly my final year of collegiate lacrosse. Yes, I still have the Red Army Dynasty to look forward to, but I am a ripe 22 years young, in the prime of my athletic career, and I'm looking to do this last year right.

So, chronologically, the first matter of business of me going hard is the 2nd Annual Febru-HAIRY competition. While abroad, I heard of this legendary tradition held in Minnesota every year, where men take 28 days to simply be men. No shaving is allowed, no trimming is allowed, and it becomes a competition of who can grow the gnarliest beard in one (short) month. This year, I am encouraging all of my teammates, coaches, fans and parents to join me again in this camaraderie-driven, team building journey in growing beards, and then seamlessly transitioning into what I like to call Mustache March. Some will be red (see below), some will be patchy, most mustaches will resemble those seen at Taco Bell, and some people will just plain scratch out of the competition(Pun intended). I admit, that last year I caved, probably around the 14th for some unknown reason, but this goes back to me doing it right on my farewell tour. I will consistently shave in January, so my Februbeard can be one for the ages, to contend with the Sullivans, Donovans, and Srebniks of Febru-hairies past. The blog will have pictures of these beards, and you guessed it, it will end in a poll. If you think you can contend, feel free to send me a picture and I will gladly enter you into the mix. Good luck gentlemen, it will surely be a long, itchy road, but the end result will be worth it. Plus, who doesn't like having an excuse to be grizzly, and make a hater look bad in the meantime? I can see it now. . . .

"Dude, that beard is haggard. You look like hell."
"Bro, it's Febru-hairy. Look around, your the only one without a beard."
"Oh crap. You lacrosse guys are so rad. I wish I could hang with you all."
"Later, Hater."