Tuesday, April 28, 2009

It's Baaaack

Not positive, but I think that this may be the last installment of 'Cat Nip for the season depending on how deep we cruise into the PCLL playoffs. I appreciate everyone that read it so religiously (Naz) and am glad that it actually reached as many people as it did. I swear I thought that this blog was just going to be for the team and coaches, maybe some locals at UNH, but when I have mothers coming up to me after games explaining how much they like the picture of Samurai in a Speedo, I can feel nothing but pride and honor. 'Cat Nip may be on its way out the door, but The Boss isn't close to being done yet. There will be some more posting on the blog, depending on what type of material I can get my hands on, and as usual am open for any requests. No worries, my contract with the 'Cat Nip column extends through next year, and in my final season expect nothing short of greatness. 2 days til Thursday . . . .

It Wouldn't be Playoff Time Without This. . .

Monday, April 27, 2009

Wildcats to Face UCONN in First Round of PCLL Playoffs

Thursday night, the Wildcats will be traveling back down to Storrs, CT to take the Huskies on in the first round of the new season. After suffering a disheartening 15-7 loss just a few weeks back, we are looking for redemption. The opening draw is scheduled for 8:00, and the weather looks promising. Cats eat dogs.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Poll Closed

Well, the poll has closed for the Best Nickname category. Mr. Stanky Legg prevailed in a tight battle with his dorm-mate Samurai, in an 18-16 victory. For anyone that was wondering, the nickname stems from a ridiculous and atrocious hip-hop dance that Evan broke out after a goal in practice, and it stuck as his trademark move based on its foolishness. The first 1o seconds of the video will show what exactly it is. Picture Evan Flower doing it and the humor is easy to find. (see above).

Some honorable mentions that didn't make the blog, and were brought to my attention after the fact include:
- Chad "Battle" Nettleship
- Zach "Scantron" Scanlon
- Ian "Oz" Osgood
- Sean "Shaq" Andrake
- Brennan "I am a chronic kleptomaniac" Duke

Thanks to everyone that voted, and I have absolutely zero ideas for the next poll, so post 'em below or you can stare at the closed one for all of eternity.

Celebrity Look-a-like Feature. Part Duex "Animated Edition"

The Lineup: Finnian Cradock Donovan. Defensemen. UNH Lacrosse. & Alfred E. Neuman. Coverboy. Mad Magazine.

His opponent: Dan Fuglestad. Long Stick Midfielder. UNH Lacrosse. & The Cat in the Hat. Children's Book Icon. One of Dr. Suess's finest characters.

Who ya got? Feel free to post in the comments and clear these up, anonomously or by name.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Celebrity Look-a-Like Feature. Part 1

The Lineup: Alex Sellar. Defensemen. UNH Wildcats & John C. Reilly. Actor. Step Brothers, Talladega Nights.

His opponent: James Rubio. Midfield legend. UNH Wildcats & Dimitar Berbatov. Bulgarian Footballer of the Year. Striker. Manchester United.

Who ya got?

UNH Splits Connecticut Trip, Going 1-1

For full scoring and game summaries from this weekend check out the MCLA website or click on the "Team Roster" link to the right. Three conference games at home for the 'Cats this week before the playoffs begin. Time to come up big down the stretch.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Life On The Dot

Enjoy the latest edition of 'Cat Nip. Also, if you planned on commenting on how there is a photo of myself on there, don't bother. My teammates will give me enough of lip for it in coming days. I mean, look at the top of the blog. I use whatever photos I can get my hands on, and most of those just happen to be of #2. If you have any photos that you think could legitimately help me out in that dept, please email me at Michael.MaloneyJ@gmail.com, and I guarantee I'll use 'em.

EDIT: I now have my own archive collected of every 'Cat Nip story so far. I've linked to it on the bottom right, under the countdown. This way all of the avid readers out there (Naz) have easy access to my previous works.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

The Boss is Back...Relax

After a short hiatus from blogging due to several factors, I am back in action and hopefully will be back on some sort of regular schedule. I'm drafting the new 'Cat Nip as you read this, so you'll see that early this week. The material has been slow, and I haven't much to let the world know. I'm open for suggestions at all times, which surprisingly, help me more than people with such care to ask "Why haven't you blogged in a while?"

In lacrosse news, we lost last night to BU down in the Hub 9-4. Nothing more to say really, we've moved on, and we'll see them again somewhere down the line. To those of you celebrating, The Boss would like to wish you and your families a Happy Easter, and only hopes the bunny will treat you well.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April Fools Day Commemoration

Watch Cheaters Don't Prosper (or make it past the quarter finals) in Sports

In honor of April Fools Day today, I figured I'd post this video and see what people think. It's an older video from a HS quarter final game in which the attacking team successfully pulls off a hidden ball trick. The kid puts the ball in his hand, and when his defenseman turns around he drops it in his stick and takes it to the rack. Of course, I say it's great play, and if you can get away with it then more power to you. Hey, if you're not cheating, you're not trying.

Ladies and Gentlemen: Your Local Oyster River Graduate

This is the second installment of this feature, in which I will regularly find ridiculous and most likely embarrassing pictures of members on the team, and post them here for the world to see strictly for the humor. The pictures will be accompanied by likely hateful commentary and hopefully several comments from my devoted readers. No one is safe. That is, except me of course.

Raised just minutes away, and spending high school career here in Durham, Sammari may as well be a Durhamite himself. (He' takes offense to this, as he makes clear that Lee and Durham are two separate towns.) I legitimately have no idea in what context this photo was taken, but can promise you that it was never appropriate. From the straightened, emo-friendly haircut all the way down to the wannabe Baywatch trunks, and the flexing muscles that make children cry, Sammari surely isn't messing around here. Currently rocking a real gnarly Tennesse Tophat (mullet for those of you who are unfamiliar), few people figured his image could go any more towards the realm of classless. We salute you #26, for proving us wrong.