Sunday, February 21, 2010

Wildcats Make Bacon of War Pigs

In the words of Black Sabbath:
Now in darkness world stops turning
Ashes where the bodies burning
No more war pigs have the power

Hand of God has struck the hour

Day of judgement, God is calling

On their knees the war pig's crawling
We finally got out of the Field House and back onto Memorial last week. Sure, practicing outside in the 20 degree weather is no picnic, but everyone seemed to be amped to have an entire field worth of space to work with. After only two days outdoors, we had our first test of the season, a club called the War Pigs, who are based in NH but tout players from hotbeds like MD, LI, NJ, and of course the big daddy, MA. The team was comprised of recently graduated college players, so it was a good place for us not only to start off but to be reminded what an entire game feels like, the spacing of rides and clears, and the finer points of a game that we can't touch on indoors. We rolled, 11-4, with three of their goals coming in unsettled situations. At the other end, goals came from everywhere on the field. Some beautifully crafted chone pieces, and some garbage rebound goals. It doesn't matter who had what, because in today's day, I'd like to remind everyone that nobody asks "How" its always "How many?" I mean, even the great Bill Shakespeare in Romeo and Juliet said that a rose by any other name would smell just as sweet. (English degree) If you want to check out photos from the game, there's 367 of them right here, starting with the most beautiful one on there.

Our next test will be against Division II Southern New Hampshire University, this coming Sunday. And for once, the "PenMen" are coming to Durham instead of the other way around. After that, we're moving to MCLA games for good, rallying up our top 25 and heading out west to Colorado to face two of the top 25 teams in the country. Stay Tuned. And as you could have guessed, I give you...War Pigs. And since everyone and their father has heard Sabbath, here's a cover by Cake to keep you on your toes.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

You Be The Judge

Before I officially start blogging about my final UNH season, something has been brought to my attention that I need to share in a public forum. As is such, I figured that this blog would be the best place for it, also seeing as I have blogged about our Commy community that is the Red Army. The best summer club in the country has been robbed blind, with nothing to do except complain on blogs. Take a look at our Logo (top) that was coined in the summer of 2008, and placed on our uniforms. The sickle and lacrosse stick, edged out. A timeless symbol for a timeless team. Now look at the kits on the bottom. Ignoring the fact that their uniforms are incredibly rad, our logo along with our team name have been stolen like a Vanilla Ice track and stamped all over on these uniforms. We contacted them, told them to cease and desist. This "club" claimed they came up with the team name by themselves (please) and that they paid someone to make the design. (AKA Google Red Army Lacrosse to find our website). In the words of King Leonidas, This Is Madness.

Kids all over the country think they can just scoop a quick Google search and become members of the KGB? Do I wear Hopkins Gear and tell chicks I'm on the team? That I came up with the Blue Jay logo completely on my own with no accreditation to the fine learning institution of Johns Hopkins University? Just imagine if an expansion team in the MLB just casually decided to use the Boston 'B' as their logo. There would be riots in the streets, people would be outraged leaving only the women and children safe. This will end well for the (real) Red Army, I promise you. If we have to go old school, and settle it on the field, we will fight tooth and nail for the rights to our logo that was so craftfully designed over several years. We will not back down, we will not be intimidated. We are the Soviets. Long Live The Army.

P.S This is exactly what I needed to get me fired up for Blogging season. Getcha popcorn ready.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Happy Birthday to the Blog!

I know that I have been slow on the blogging lately, but quite frankly, nothing has really been happening in our lacrosse world up here. We've been practicing three nights a week in the Field House, we're hosting our Wildcats Lacrosse clinic this weekend, and we're less than a month away from opening our season, but these are all things I have already mentioned to the world.

However, I'd like the world to also know, that the blog has officially been up and running for an entire year. Actually a little bit longer, as the first post was Feb. 4, 2009. That's right, an idea that started from me being bored in my filthy apartment has grown into a year long phenomenon and will even be passed on next year to someone new while I'm in the real world, with a real job that doesn't include first person slang and Bruce Springsteen videos. So check out the new website, (the blog gets copied and pasted there as well) and get ready for some serious blogging once the snow melts and the ball starts rolling. For now, just go out there and sing happy birthday (right now) and try your best to do better than this little guy. Long live the blog.