Monday, February 8, 2010

Happy Birthday to the Blog!

I know that I have been slow on the blogging lately, but quite frankly, nothing has really been happening in our lacrosse world up here. We've been practicing three nights a week in the Field House, we're hosting our Wildcats Lacrosse clinic this weekend, and we're less than a month away from opening our season, but these are all things I have already mentioned to the world.

However, I'd like the world to also know, that the blog has officially been up and running for an entire year. Actually a little bit longer, as the first post was Feb. 4, 2009. That's right, an idea that started from me being bored in my filthy apartment has grown into a year long phenomenon and will even be passed on next year to someone new while I'm in the real world, with a real job that doesn't include first person slang and Bruce Springsteen videos. So check out the new website, (the blog gets copied and pasted there as well) and get ready for some serious blogging once the snow melts and the ball starts rolling. For now, just go out there and sing happy birthday (right now) and try your best to do better than this little guy. Long live the blog.

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