Friday, March 6, 2009

Game is On


After some confusion with the scheduling, there was a scare this week that the University of Maine may not be able to field enough players for tomorrow due to their spring break. However, The game is back on schedule, SATURDAY at 2:00. Tell your families, as they are a high priority, but more importantly tell your friends around Durham that the season begins tomorrow and we love the support. If that support is coming from a bunch of loud, rowdy, college students, getting an early start on a Saturday morning? Even better. Also, The Boss is open to suggestions for a new poll question to run the month of March. Put it in the comments, and remember, it can be anonymous meaning no one will know who you are to ridicule you when you post something that is terribly uninteresting or unfunny.


  1. what rookie is having the best performance to date

  2. the boss? you seriously call yourself the boss?

  3. id say jake hayward for sure