Monday, March 2, 2009

UPDATE! 'Cat Nip Takes the Cake

The first of my weekly article on the CollegeLax website has been submitted. I am going to try and keep sending them in on Mondays for consistency sake, however they first must be reviewed before being posted. After lots of deliberation, and an overwhelming 5 comments, the time came for The Boss to make a decision on the title. I sent in my article, and told Sonny, the founder of the website, to choose which title he liked the most between THE CATS MEOW and 'CAT NIP. He chose the latter, and thats what were going with. Since I came up with it anyways, I can't say I'm disappointed. On a side note, THE 'SHIRE and KITTY LITTER weren't far behind. DURHAM DEEP DISH never had a shot, I'm saving that for Sportscenter.

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