Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Look Good, Feel Good, Play Good

Alright so here's the deal. We need new shooting shirts, plain and simple. Aside from being our amazing blogger, I also happen to be a fashion aficionado, and I've gotten a couple mock shooting shirts (which will look WAY better in person, trust me, I've seen em) with the prices listed next to them. If anyone is interested in any of these, please please write a comment and let me know the deal, and even who you are.

Obviously, I didn't pick the quote on the back of the last few, and would probably go with BEAST MODE, but thats just me. I like 1 and 6 a lot, especially because 6 has the high numbers and the saying, but one is too hot for anything youve ever seen in the MCLA, or any sort of lacrosse so that gets my vote. For the first time for real, COMMENT, it will have an impact. We are in NH, and DigiCam is the way to roll.

ED Note: Everything can change within these, they are just drawn up, it's all custom. And if you are a parent, tell your sons to give me a shout, or just let me know what you think would look good from the sidelines (especially if it has a nice big 2 on the back)


  1. Mr. Maloney

    I am a huge fan of the idea of new shooters. Sharp idea and sharp looking. My vote would be for 1 or 2, with 2 being the more conservative choice.

  2. hey iceman,

    something smaller than the giant cat or crossing sticks in the front. Maybe a small circle/oval with UNH written in front. I like the high numbers as well and i like 6 because i think the silver is where its at

    oh and you can be my wingman anytime

  3. Mav, I regret to inform you that silver is not where its at and would undeniabley clash with our white shorts, whereas #1 would look sick with both kits. I would prefer the upper # and slogan rather than the tramp stamp. Players would just have to keep em' clean so they don't end up lookin like Maloney's sweatpants. Sincerely yours, goose aka Ernie Elmes

  4. Theres no other shirt that should be worn by UNH lax on game day than the one the only, shirt number one. End of disscussion order them now so we have ample time to rock them in public before they get to smelly.
    All of ideas and choices should be thrown out, and the rookie of the years vote counts atleast ten times. sooooooooooooo number one it is.


  5. mr bigshot "rookie of the year"

  6. i like 1 and 3, with 1 being my top choice after that incredibly persuasive comment by sid the kid above. so persuasive. also, elmes' logic is rock solid. i say #1.

  7. alright i think that anything will do except #1 and #5, personally the digi cam looks trashy to me