Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Walpole Wins Coveted Massachusetts State Championship

In other barely related UNH Lacrosse news, the Walpole Rebels won the State Championship this past week. This is important, not only because it proved my guarantee at the beginning of the season, but also proves Walpole's continuing superiority over the rest of Massachusetts, let alone anything north of the border. Between a Superbowl, a state title, a maximum security prison, NFL QB Todd Collins, and myself, it truly has become Title Town MA. On a side note, en route to the trophy the Rebels stomped the Braintree Wamps 10-2, as well as ending the Reading Rockets season in a 10-9 playoff game. Not that these teams hold any significance in the UNH Lacrosse community, just thought I'd mention it if there were any haters out there.


  1. why yes, i am wearing a thong

  2. walpole sucks. GO ROCKS