Tuesday, August 4, 2009

A Loogie, Cleared Benches, and a Goal from the Boss: Another Day, Another Dollar

The Red Army played its last game of the regular season on Sunday night, and it was far from regular. Completely abnormal to say the least. We went into the 9p.m game undefeated, with a playoff berth already clinched, so our bench was slim based on time and circumstances. The 90 percent humidity made it feel like we were breathing underwater, but these things happen. However, in a tie game, with 9 minutes left to play, one of our defensemen had a questionable hit on a HopLand (yes that's their team name) attackmen. Standard. They start jawing back and forth and eventually get close enough so their birdcages are touching eachother and the verbiage is slowly progressing into language not suitable for TBS. Then came what I'll call the "Spit heard round the world." Said attackman launches a loog at our defensemen, who being a male, responds with a punch, and then that's where the metaphorical feces hit the fan. People bombing from the benches, attackmen and goalies coming from opposite ends, refs, league officials coming in the from the sidelines to moderate. I even think I saw Don Zimmer get thrown to the turf. Eventually the madness is controlled, both players ejected and suspended for a week, with two furious teams, chippiness increased, and we still had nine minutes play to play. (Ed note: this is a minimum contact MEN'S LEAGUE.) Well the game went on, and in the strangest event of the evening...WE LOST. 8-7. But, you know, it happens, I mean even Ali got TKO'd once.

But that was the regular season, and now it's time for the playoffs. So to steal from my favorite blogger out there, Cue The Video!

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