Monday, August 17, 2009

2010 Stick Regulations

As everyone probably already knows, this season the rules have changed for what heads are legal and what heads aren't. After some advising by Coach, I want to take this opportunity to tell EVERYONE that they need to be up to speed come lacrosse season. Yeah, it burns that we all have to buy new heads (especially if you're a senior), but it's better than getting a 3 minute locked in penalty because you were a meathead over the summer. If you aren't using one of the following heads, you're stick is ILLEGAL (list subject to update):
  • STX SuperPower (recommended and used by yours truly)
  • Warrior Spyne
  • Maverik Juice
  • Reebok 6k
  • Reebok 9k
  • Brine Edge X 2010 (old Edges are illegal, defensemen)
  • There will be more heads coming in September including a new Clutch, Cyber, etc. Stay tuned here and I'll let you know when I know.
All of these heads can and should be bought at your local ComLax retail stores. There is one in Portsmouth just minutes from UNH, but if you aren't in D-town yet then you can check out stores in Franklin, Weymouth, Nashua(NH), Framingham, Danvers, Kingston, Berlin, Medford, and 24-7 on

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  1. Just picked up the Edge X...solid head and only 75 bucks at COMLAX