Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Welcome Back, Welcome Back, Welcome Back

To quote old school rap sensation Mase himself, in one of his catchiest beats:
"Hello boys and girls. How are you? You know, today is going to be a wooonderful day. Today could be a wonderful day for many reasons. We might get mail from the postman. Or, we might just get a song from Mase. Because I'm Back...Welcome back, welcome back, welcome back. . .
Well, I had a hard time deciding which track would lead us into this new school year, and had Mase himself on the burner but again, this is a family website and I understand that my older demographic may not be so keen on the hip-hop and/or potential lyrical issues. So I went with the greatest American artist of all time, but more importantly the inspiration for my psyudonym.

That's right we are all back in Durham, for what I will be referring as my Farewell Tour throughout this year. We are beyond full swing here at Young Drive, and encourage any and all visitors. So prepare for a few changes on the blog, some new content, and possibly even postings from some of my colleagues here in the duplex (probably not).

So check out that Mase vid, get down with some Bruce and COME ON UP TO Whit next Wednesday, September 9th at 6pm. All vets must be there and any rookies that are interested in balling out with the best talent that the 603 can offer. Oh and Markley, don't forget to bring your abs. (See what I did there with the 'come on up'? Pretty savvy. The kid's still got it.)

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