Monday, October 11, 2010

Case Of The Monday's

Well, if you are reading this you survived homecoming weekend. I congratulate and thank all the alumni for coming back. I am also going to thank the entire current team for holding Michael Maloney scoreless in the alumni game. How does that serving of humble pie taste? Bitter I bet.

I told you not to try and predict the Monday video, and I am guessing you didn't predict today's. Watching football on Sunday ( if you do not have Red Zone channel you are watching football in the stone age) I got reacquainted with the legendary announcer Gus Johnson. The man could make my Cultures of the Middle East and North Africa class seem interesting.

Without further Ado...


P.S. The UCLA, Gonzaga game ( BATISTA WITH THE CAAAAATCH) made my mom cry. She is a Gonzaga alum.

P.P.S. No one cares about grammar, yes, I know it's bad and it will always be bad.

P.P.P.S. Congratulations to Michael Maloney as the blog hit the 100th post...We will be celebrating at Young Drive, no cops( to soon?).

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