Monday, October 25, 2010

Special Case Of The Monday's

Before we get to the much anticipated Youtube video of the day, I would like to take some time and recognize a very special person to the UNH blog. This Saturday a few hand selected bros traveled down to Gillette Stadium for ....I think a football definately a football game. On the way home I had the first ever personal request to be on the blog since taking it over. Not only is this person such a big fan...she snaked a piece of pizza from her friend to give to me to sweeten the deal. Her loyalty and passion is UNQUESTIONED. I would like to take this time to give a blog shout out to Ariana Shapiro and all the girls at AZD ( except Andrea). But mainly Ariana ...and I guess Andrea to.

Now, for the reason we are here. Following Gus Chiggins is no easy task. The reason this video was approved is because the announcer's pure joy reminds me of Ariana's when I told her I would put her on the world wide web.

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