Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Well I survived my birthday weekend, much to the credit of one Michael Maloney. I want to thank everyone who came celebrated and put up my shananigans. Let's move on

This is the first of a sequence I am calling Wildchats ( see what I did there). I will be interviewing a player on the team periodically just to give the outsiders a look into the players who make up our squad. This may not be a 60 minutes type hard hitting question sequence, but it will be entertaining. Lets begin.

Q: You went to Oyster River and then obviously to UNH were you nervous venturing out far from home?
A: Considering my high school is in the same town as my college, no I was not nervous about venturing 10 minutes from home.

Q:Your older brother samurai is on the team describe that coincidence
A:bad question

Q:Any chance you’re going to grow a killer moustache like your brother?
A: Unfortunately I got all the height in the family, and sam got the hair. My moustache is going to be a little sparse in comparison.

Q:I couldnt help but notice your facebook default is a lax action shot from you in high school...dont you think thats a bit dated?
A: To be honest I change my facebook photo like twice a year. I just am too lazy to change it all the time. Ill post a new one within the week if that will make you happy.

Q:If you could punch one kid on the team ( besides me) who would it be and why
A: Paul Harvey, because you gotta hit the biggest kid to get respect
Dan Milano, because he gets to ride a bike instead of run laps
It’s a tie between the two

Q:You have about 5 inches and 30 pounds on your older brother ..did you always pick on him growing up
A:No, believe it or not the Samurai you know is a very different one back at the house. He is just a mean person. My extra height and weight have nothing over his brutality.

Just a joke Sam, don’t get mad at me.

Q:What was your favorite n64 game
A: Golden Eye was my favorite when N64 was in its prime, however Mario Cart is what we play in the dorm room.

Q:rumor has it you went to see afroman live at the stone church in newmarket..describe the show
A: first Id like to point out that I had no ambition in going to this show, my friend purchased the ticket without my knowledge. The show was terrible; Afroman is so broke he was accepting 1 or 2 dollars for people to take pictures with him. It was pathetic.

Q:where is youre favorite place to eat in durham
A:The Turbo Pocket from Pauly’s Pockets would have to be my go to. Unfortuently it’s a little out of my price range so I don’t eat it that frequently.

Q:pulp or no pulp
A:Absolutely no pulp

Q:are you a better texter or dancer
A:Id have to say im a slightly better dancer, Im not phenomenal at either however I get laughed at for my attempt at spelling big words in texts.

Q:how come you refuse to give me some sweet ORHS swag
As much as I have let go my high school grudges I cannot bring myself to give a St Thomas player Oyster River lacrosse apparel.

ladies and gentlemen...John "Afroman" Kerrigan

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