Friday, February 11, 2011

Whole Lotta Nothing

The first two weeks of lacrosse practice are just about in the books so I figured I'd check in. We will have our team solidified in a mere 8 hours so look out for the roster in the coming days. As for practice, well lets just say my sweet madras bro shorts are going to need a belt this spring if we keep our practice plan. Everyone is anxiously waiting to get outside so we can play in the friendly climate that is February in the Northeast.

Something that is bothering me about practice is people celebrating goals like they just wont trivia at the knot without the help of an iphone ( cough sam elmes cough). We are indoors and once goalies don't have to pick up white balls on a white background then you can start doing your 15 yard jog past the goal after you score. Does it take you that long to stop? I might have to get Hans to set up a castle of soda cans to teach you how to stop.

Our friends over at the Rocky Mountains gave us some sweet reviews on our new gloves. Here are there new "mittens."

Not bad not bad. I especially like the use of cursive. Reminds me of my phonics homework in third grade. One might ask, how come they don't have their state slogan on it? Well according to my thorough Wikipedia research the most recent slogan used on license plates were "Colorful Colorado." Not exactly as intimidating as live free or die. However, had I been in charge of design I would have definitely had : ( I have no idea when to use a colon ) Meet Me at The Walrus. Yes you can use that for next year.

Also I am going to steal/borrow/copy the interviewing a player. I hope we can still be friends.



  1. I'm not mad at you, Jake. I'm just disappointed.
    - The Blogfather

  2. yo too late for me to join the lax team?