Sunday, September 23, 2012

SNHU Tourney

Us 'Cats rolled into SNHU today expecting to pillage and burn the competition but instead ran into a few mishaps and mental errors which put us down early in games and ended up with us leaving the beautiful city of Manchester with an 0-3 record. great thing about these days in the fall is that these games mean as much as the NFL preseason does, it's all just a tune up for the real deal once the snow melts. while we were humbled and definitely know what we got to work on the other teams are gloating in their big wins. I'm not worried about it who would be worried about today. Instead let's look at the positives and the highlights. 1. we woke up at 6am and then proceeded to take a standard bus for the trip. top notch driving 2. SNHU was nice enough to let Benoit back on their field and not try to kill him 3. Cal will not be able to tell you what happened between the hours of 9am to about 3pm 4. C Ry's snips are still ringing in the air at the field 5. Ball can drive his legs and put a fogo on his back at the face-off X like no other 6. Our two goalies are definitely better than yours. I don't care who you are. They're better 7. we finally got to see POTTER SMASH on an opponent, not one of us 8. Coach Small's voice made it all the way to the last half of the last game. 9. The Warpigs were there. yay 10. Huston dropped someone no form strictly calf power So there's a few of the highlights of the trip we got absolutely nothing to worry about all on tape all can be fixed just time to put the work in.

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    Can't wait to read the write up about the Oct 6th scrimmage!