Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The Beginning Of The Grind

Welcome back everybody I know this blog went downhill last year with two degenerates trying to run it but I can assure you now it is in great hands. I'll be posting everything lacrosse for the year, with a few other posts here and there to keep it interesting. This season is looking to be one of the best to date with the cats doing big things in Durham and as far beyond as a little area known as wine country but we'll get to that later. With fall practice already starting the returners are looking to get back at it and newcomers have been making that face to get that spot they came out for. Our fearless leaders Coach Clark and Coach Small chose the best guys to lead this cast of players in C Ry, Scott Potter and the one and only Joe gardiner on his last hoorah. The team is starting to take shape and the members of the PCLL should definitely take notice because this team is coming into the season expecting a nice trip down to Greenville SC to show the rest of the country how we do things in New Hampshire. Follow us on twitter, check us out on facebook and subscribe to see the faces of the team on youtube with our very own UNH lacrosse network courtesy of Eli Hayward AKA the next Steven Spielberg. The season is finally here LIVE FREE OR DIE.

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