Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Boss Is Going Global! Needs Your Help

After cruising around on, the national website for Club Lacrosse news, updates, forums, etc. I saw that there were a few articles on there written by current MCLA players. Late into the night, on a whim, I thought to myself that I could easily do that. So I sent the founder of the website an email with some information, a few articles, and a link to your beloved blog. We exchange a few e-mails, and next thing you know, he asks me if I would be interested in writing a weekly first person column chronicling UNH Lacrosse. First matter of business, however is to come up with a reoccurring title to run with it. This is where you all come in. I'm looking for something catchy to run beside my name and that will be associated with UNH Lacrosse for the rest of the season. A couple examples:
  • Fight On! (USC)
  • Griz Blog (Montana)
  • Fire Up Chips! (Central Michigan)
  • The Boomer Sooner (Oklahoma)
So if you have anything creative, cool, funny, or simple, please post it in the comments section below and we'll decide which one to run so I don't end up writing a column called the Wildcats Weekly.


  1. 'Cats Phrase of the Week

    Wildcats' Weekly Blog

    The 'Shire

    Mookie's Take at UNH

  2. The Cat's Meow. Love, Cradock