Thursday, March 15, 2012

Tough Start

The Cats came out with a rough start against the Buffs. With a 14-9 loss the Cats have a few kinks to work out before their games on Friday and Saturday against Nebraska and Clemson. The lack of mental focus, clears, and penalties; combined with the athletics and outside shots from the Buffs cost the game for UNH. Although the game ended in a loss, not all was bad for the Cats’. We played hard, physical and had a never say die attitude. The goal scoring was spread across the board with goals coming from Stohrer, Buckley, Younger Gauvin, Hayward, Currie, MaCarthy, Pratte, Flower and three assists from Gardiner. With a few less mental mistakes and penalties it could have been a whole different ball game.

On a less serious note, The Boys are out in Boulder causing a ruckus. Taking trips to the local establishments and turning heads everywhere we go, standing out as the New Englanders we are. Although the flavorful subs and spicy burritos are a nice change of pace to our clam chowder, I don’t think anyone is enjoying the increase in flatulence (I feel bad for Tom Ball Generazzo’s roommates). Our freshman goalie, Marty, has confirmed the stereotype that all goalies are strange by eating a diet of solely chicken fingers, French fries, rice kipsies and Ritz crackers. The constant video footage covered by Eli Hayward has opened the door for lots of shenanigans and pranks all through the day. Here is a short clip from the many hours of footage of the boys in transit:

There’s more where that came from.

With the Corn Boys coming up and Clemson to end the trip on St. Patty’s day UNH is ready to head out of Boulder with a solid 2-1 record.

Stay tuned.

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