Sunday, March 25, 2012


Guest Article by Alex Sellar:

Let me introduce you to LAXWAX, this stuff is going to be the next big thing in the lacrosse world. Soon enough every lax bro will have a stick of this stuff in their lacrosse bag. Some of us open minded players have been using laxwax for a couple months now and have been noticing the additional edge that it gives. Most notably, it is awesome for wet rainy days, the mesh doesn’t dry out and stays perfectly broken in during and after a wet game. Laxwax can also give you some serious grip for your shaft, this is a necessity for those shafts that are too slick, even when wet. The only problem with the stuff is that it covers balls in wax too, but it can be cleaned off, but really I don’t think I could get the rookies clean the balls... For more info on LAXWAX, hit up

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