Friday, March 16, 2012

Wildchats 4

Q: Chinese or Mexican?
A: Wo shi xuexi zhongwen. Wo bu shi Mexico… Ya that’s right I’m studying the china language

Q: If you were an animal what animal would you be and why?
A: One of those lizards that can run across water, closest you can get to being jesus

Q:Best place to eat downtown late-night?
A: Jack Stones without a doubt I heard they have a thing called the Currie’s Final Countdown that brings it’s foes to its knees.

Q: Lax wax or no lax wax?
A: Nice smell. Only comment

Q: Rumor has it you’ve had upwards of 6 concussions, how are you still enrolled at UNH?
A: Well brains are a funny thing memory comes and goes ya know

Q:Philly, Hoco, or Stillings?
A:Philly or die. Unless its Sunday morning at Hoco with Omelet Tom set a tradition

Q:Black or white mid-calves?
A: Only ones that can wear black mid calves are the Fab 5. And Ball

Q: Favorite TV show?
A: The original series on History Channel Swamp People Hurricane Katrina couldn’t put these crazy Cajuns down

Q: What’s the best way to unleash Potter Smash?
A: Me talking to him, looking at him, smiling at him.

Q: If you could punch anyone in the face on the team who would it be and why?
A: Marty. I can’t tell you why but it’s just something about his face.

Introducing Michael Currie

Special thanks to Jake Katz, creator of Wildchats.

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