Tuesday, January 12, 2010

New Website Up and Running

We have finally caught up with the times, dumped our old, broken down, HTML based website and have launched something spectacular. We're still getting some of the kinks out with domain name, which will soon be easily accessible at www.UNHLACROSSE.com but you can check it now here for now. Just click ENTER and you will be sent to the new and improved website that features sections for multimedia like pictures and videos, along with a fully functioning store that you can purchase some UNH Lax swag, and. . . sadly to say, a section entitled Blog. That's right, I have been informed the the blog will be moving from here to there sometime soon, but will still function from here as well. I feel like Conan, but the truth is that it looks cleaner there, not to mention it gives you access to everything else UNH just a click away. So bookmark the new site, check it out, buy some merch and enjoy our new eye-friendly website courtesy of internet savvy Vice President Dan Hutchins.


  1. wow! is that a picture of dan???? can i get his numba?!?!?! <3333