Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Wildcats to Host 4th Annual Wildcats Lax Clinic

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Quite frankly, it would be un-American of us lacrosse players not to share our knowledge to the younger Granite Staters who look up to us in such a deserving light. So, without further ado, I am proud to announce that we will be hosting the 4th annual Wildcats Lax Clinic on Saturday, February 13. After a phenomenal turnout last year, we can only hope that more parents and kids will spread the word so we can top what we did in 2009. The clinic will be from 9am-1pm and offers copious amounts of benefits for the kids taking part. Along with getting to meet the best blogger on this side of the Hampton tolls, each player will be provided with:
  • Snacks, water, refreshments.
  • A UNH Lacrosse Clinic reversible pinney
  • One on one instructions from the entire UNH squad
  • Head and assistant coaches will be present as well
  • Instructional drills along with controlled scrimmages
The clinic is $50, but wait, there's more! If you have more than one child interested in coming, it will only be $35 for each additional kid. Us college students understand the tough economic times, but this truly is a deal that should have been pitched by the late Billy Mays. So if you have any sons interested in learning some new skills and drills, or just wanna get a full gear run in before the season starts, please email our new team president, Tom Nazzaro at tjr26@unh.edu and he will get you all set up. If you don't have any younger kids, help out our cause and tell your friends, co-workers, Fantasy Leaguers, mailmen, and really anyone that might be interested, and it will be greatly appreaciated.

We will do our best to make your children good enough to play at Syracuse, but hopefully they will know their roots and choose UNH instead.

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