Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Delayed Case of The Mondays

It has been a long hiatus since the last video. This is a great injustice and shall not happen again. I hope everybody had a safe, healthy, and calorie heavy Thanksgiving. We have alot to be Thankful for this year. I am thankful that I know Drew O'Connor. I imagine that you are thankful for being able to read this. I appreciate the compliment.

This is a big day at the blog. Not only do we have a killer video ( that I found all by myself, with no help from anyone) but Big Dog Barry showed me how to embed a video. Enjoy

P.S. I didn't find this video I send a special thanks to the finder. French Toast


  1. I think the last song is "Katz is a disappointment to the Blogfather"

  2. blogs weakkkkkkkk

  3. Interesting video, thanks for the post!