Friday, November 5, 2010

Friday's Fan Of The Blog

(Not Pictured: Tim Harrington)

I have enjoyed my time as the blogfather but there is an injustice that must be rectified. For two years this blog called Young Drive home, and when it moved downtown, I payed no respect to it's roots. Therefore I would like to take this Friday to honor the boys who call 34/36 home. The boys have been more than good to me over the years. I am pretty sure I owe Cody around $40 in snacks. During the summer when I was to frugal to buy a parking pass, the boys let me throw the Malibu no questions asked ( just kidding Landlord). They have been good to me and it is time I return the favor therefore I would like to give the shout out to:

Dan "Applebottom jeans" Milano
Sam "I am unspeakably bad at pool basketball" Elmes
Marc I still owe the blogfather a PBandJ" Cochrane
Cody SOOO SICK" Cusano
Andrew "My name should be Ben" Hart
Dan "Dang" Hutchins
Tom "Where are my sleeves" Nazarro
Tim "The Professor" Harrington

I didn't check the spellings so everyone just relax

Keep on Keeping on boys

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