Saturday, November 20, 2010

Friday's ( Saturday) Fan Of The Blog

It is time to honor someone who truly deserves it. Not only is Kelli DeDonato a fan of the blog, but she is a true diehard UNH lax fan. Kelli can be seen at most lax games cheering for her favorite long stick middy.....Dan Fugelstat. The past four times I have seen Kelli, she has brought up the blog. In fact, Kelli was the 20,000th visitor to the blog, a fact she was very eager to prove with a cell phone pic. Thank you Kelli for your continued criticism of the blog.

I have warned people before, I am nationally ranked at finding horrible pictures of you. I must be honest, it took longer than my normal 45 seconds to find one of Kelli. I am not even calling the picture horrible, I just can guarantee what is going on in this picture. This picture was an album entitled "prom" (creative). I am going to assume she was taking pictures for prom. She is flying solo in this pic, so I assume either her date hadn't showed up yet or she was going to the pre-prom cool kid photo shoot. Every parent is SO awkward about the solo shots so I assume Mr. Dedonato fired off about 15 solo pics, causing the Kelli to get a little annoyed, thus spawning an argument about one more picture. This forced, awkward, smile is what I believe to be...the last pic.

P.S. I know I have not posted a video the past two weeks and this is a day late. However, when I am knocking blogs out of the park ( which everyone except the blogfather is saying) I bet it is worth the wait.

P.P.S. Seriously, I can find anything on Facebook ...I bet I could find a bad pic of Marc Cochrane and he is stop traffic handsome


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