Thursday, April 21, 2011

Wildchats 3

My relationship with Maggie our manager is as follows. I pretend I can tolerate her in the hopes she will bring me snacks on the bus rides.

In all seriousness, Maggie is a member of the lacrosse team who does a lot for the team behind the scenes and in Twitter Land. Not a day goes by that I don't get a constant reminer about how I have never blogged about her. Well Maggie leave me alone, because you are the subject of Wildchats 3. Lets get this over with.

you are the unh lacrosse manager....why
I got an email, replied, didn't know what i was getting myself into and the rest is history. Also, looking for my soul mate

you bring me snacks for the long bus rides, what would you guess are my favorite snacks
Cool Ranch Doritos, or Goldfish Originals. You stole my pretzels once.

what is your favorite Law and Order ?
The last Law and Order I watched was with my dad when I was 10. I just like the theme song.

What is your favorite Josh Harnett movie?
Pearl Harbor. He's so god damn sexy that I think about breaking up with Ed when watching it.

Who is your favorite player?
Lately, Tom Ball. We had a rough start but I think he's come a long way.

If you were going to invite a lax player to your cocktail who would you take?
Jake... I was going to ask you... now this is awkward..

who has the kindest eyes on the team?
Well I'm not sure... but it could be Samurai, if he ever opened them.

If you were to describe Big Dog Barry Katz in one word it would be: Gregarious -

If you could punch one person on the team in the face who would it be?
Garrett Buckley because his pregame music songs are standing on my last nerve. We get it, We get it, Wiz Khalifa does mash ups.

Keep on truckin- Frank the tank

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