Friday, April 29, 2011

Win or Go Home

Well as my good friend and musical inspiration Rebecca Black said: " Gotta get down on Friday." Well the mens lacrosse team has no choice but to get down tonight. With our final game of the regular season, we have to beat Northeastern to make our conference playoffs. So have a few pops, enjoy the weather and come to the game tonight at 7. Go Cats

P.S. I visit Northeastern very frequently and have gone to a number of basketball games. Last year when the Huskies were playing VCU I got selected to participate in the free throw shooting contest to win 5 free hotdogs from Spike's. Well any third grade girl can shoot free throws so I decided to back up and take some NBA range 3 bombs. After I schwaped a few to take a healthy lead on my overmatched opponent I backed up to the half court and absolutely BURIED the half courter sending the crowd of about 40 into a frenzy. Whats my point? The coolest thing ever to happen at Northeastern was done by a Wildcat. A Spike's hotdog has never tasted so sweet

God Bless

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