Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter

I just wanted to take the time to wish all the readers a happy and healthy Easter Sunday. If you strayed off from your hunt and somehow landed on this site I wanted to treat you with something extra special.

This is a picture of yours truly on the right, and your starting Long Stick Middie Chris Morse on the left, circa 1997 for Cocheco Lacrosse. Here are some observations from this amazing photo.

1) I think its safe to say that helmet technology has come along way. I think if we just tied a bunch of pillows to our head it would have been safer. Its amazing I can remember Spanish vocab words after all the head shots I took in third grade.

2) My father was angry at me this week/year. How else could you explain him making me wear those dapper goggles. I don't care how important vision is that is just inexcusable.

3) Look at Morse's chinstap. "Play Lax." That is a top notch slogan for a Lax helmet.

4) I was always taller and more handsome than Morse.

Enjoy the photo and your chocolate bunnies

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