Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Ladies and Gentlemen, Your Crease Defenseman

This is the first and newest feature of the blog, in which I will regularly find ridiculous and most likely embarrassing pictures of members on the team, and post them here for the world to see strictly for the humor. The pictures will be accompanied by likely hateful commentary and hopefully several comments from my devoted readers. No one is safe. That is, except me of course.

Welp, this is the photo that sparked my idea for the column. The all intimidating, bearded, one-sliding, mountain man that is Finnian Donovan seems to be upholding a different image in this photo. From the side-part, to the matching tie, all the way down to the one high sock, Finn looks less like the lumberjack he is today and more like a penny-loafer wearing noob that just got let out of a locker. Also, on a sidenote, Fact: This was not on Halloween, just a regular cocktail outfit. We salute you #11.


  1. That right there is
    "Mainer, circa 2008; Normal People, circa 1975"

  2. unh aint got shit on uconn

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