Thursday, February 12, 2009

Wildcats are Caged, For The Meantime

(Photo Courtesy of Jake Sullivan's trendy new iPhone)
Despite the inevitably unforgiving New England weather, the Wildcats are in full swing, practicing 4-5 days a week. The puzzle is finally looking like a whole, however there's been one piece that has been noticeably absent this preseason. A field. Yup, the 'Cats have spent this January and February inside Lundholm Gymnasium, UNH's newly renovated field house. Restricted to an area within an indoor track, as well as the track itself, the boys have made due with whatever facilities they can get their hands on.

"Its tough with the spacing," said team President Dan Milano. "But playing in New England we have to take what we can get this time of year. The guys seem to be taking it well and are expecting a smooth transition onto the fields once we can get out there."

Opening up the first weekend in March, the Wildcats are hoping to be back on Memorial Field in the closing weeks of February to at least get some field work in before UMaine comes down to Durham, but Mother Nature makes no promises. But in full gear, inside a poorly ventilated room, and completely out of breath, there's one thing the 'Cats can look up to and remind them thats it's all worth it: A 20 foot banner that runs across an entire wall reading
Tradition. Pride. Excellence. We Are NEW HAMPSHIRE!

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