Wednesday, February 11, 2009


In completely unrelated, however incredibly important other news, the greatest player to ever step foot on a football field has officially retired today, for real. After 17 seasons, Brett Favre has hung up his Hall of Fame boots with every major passing record the NFL has ever known, as well as the honor of being my favorite player to ever live. Respect the Greatest of All Time. Heroes get remembered, but legends never die.

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  1. Great Photo for him walking away from the game. One problem: it's dated. He's not walking away from his Packers, he's already done that one. A more accurate photo for this retirement should be of him throwing an interception. It would probably be easier to find then a touchdown pass considering his second half numbers.

    Don't get me wrong,I'm a huge Favre and Jets fan but he should've walked away after his first tear-filled press conference. It will not hurt the way I remember him but he never looked right wearing a lighter shade of green.

    I'm happy he's walking away quietly rather then having another huge ordeal.