Friday, February 6, 2009

No Respect

From PCLL: At first glance, you just hand the title to Boston College. They have won it before and have been a top MCLA team for several years. But BC took some major losses on defense and in goal. And I’m not convinced that their recent success wasn’t directly related to the previous head coach. Now, two years removed from his departure, may translate to less dominance. And then there is Boston University, who had a great showing against BC in the regular season, but didn’t fair so well in the rematch. BU’s talent is all back but a large senior class did depart. Overall, I like BU’s chances but I have to go with Boston College especially after seeing the pedigree of their incoming freshman (all very good lacrosse high schools). If you are wondering about Northeastern’s chances, just wait one more year and then ask. Nationally, however, I think the losses on BC’s defense will be too much for them to overcome, even though they can come at you from many angles and will get better as the snow melts in New England. NC Predictions: AQ: #12 Boston College - 1st round loss.

Well, if anyone needed anymore motivation, it's right there in print. The "experts" of the MCLA have taken time out of their busy schedule to mention BC, BU, as well as Northeastern before finally arriving on the Eagles as their choice to win the PCLL. Between this and a tied #3 preseason conference rank, it's safe to say that there is no respect out there for the Wildcats...

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