Tuesday, April 28, 2009

It's Baaaack

Not positive, but I think that this may be the last installment of 'Cat Nip for the season depending on how deep we cruise into the PCLL playoffs. I appreciate everyone that read it so religiously (Naz) and am glad that it actually reached as many people as it did. I swear I thought that this blog was just going to be for the team and coaches, maybe some locals at UNH, but when I have mothers coming up to me after games explaining how much they like the picture of Samurai in a Speedo, I can feel nothing but pride and honor. 'Cat Nip may be on its way out the door, but The Boss isn't close to being done yet. There will be some more posting on the blog, depending on what type of material I can get my hands on, and as usual am open for any requests. No worries, my contract with the 'Cat Nip column extends through next year, and in my final season expect nothing short of greatness. 2 days til Thursday . . . .

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