Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Ladies and Gentlemen: Your Local Oyster River Graduate

This is the second installment of this feature, in which I will regularly find ridiculous and most likely embarrassing pictures of members on the team, and post them here for the world to see strictly for the humor. The pictures will be accompanied by likely hateful commentary and hopefully several comments from my devoted readers. No one is safe. That is, except me of course.

Raised just minutes away, and spending high school career here in Durham, Sammari may as well be a Durhamite himself. (He' takes offense to this, as he makes clear that Lee and Durham are two separate towns.) I legitimately have no idea in what context this photo was taken, but can promise you that it was never appropriate. From the straightened, emo-friendly haircut all the way down to the wannabe Baywatch trunks, and the flexing muscles that make children cry, Sammari surely isn't messing around here. Currently rocking a real gnarly Tennesse Tophat (mullet for those of you who are unfamiliar), few people figured his image could go any more towards the realm of classless. We salute you #26, for proving us wrong.

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  1. That looks about the right size...