Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Poll Closed

Well, the poll has closed for the Best Nickname category. Mr. Stanky Legg prevailed in a tight battle with his dorm-mate Samurai, in an 18-16 victory. For anyone that was wondering, the nickname stems from a ridiculous and atrocious hip-hop dance that Evan broke out after a goal in practice, and it stuck as his trademark move based on its foolishness. The first 1o seconds of the video will show what exactly it is. Picture Evan Flower doing it and the humor is easy to find. (see above).

Some honorable mentions that didn't make the blog, and were brought to my attention after the fact include:
- Chad "Battle" Nettleship
- Zach "Scantron" Scanlon
- Ian "Oz" Osgood
- Sean "Shaq" Andrake
- Brennan "I am a chronic kleptomaniac" Duke

Thanks to everyone that voted, and I have absolutely zero ideas for the next poll, so post 'em below or you can stare at the closed one for all of eternity.

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