Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Life On The Dot

Enjoy the latest edition of 'Cat Nip. Also, if you planned on commenting on how there is a photo of myself on there, don't bother. My teammates will give me enough of lip for it in coming days. I mean, look at the top of the blog. I use whatever photos I can get my hands on, and most of those just happen to be of #2. If you have any photos that you think could legitimately help me out in that dept, please email me at Michael.MaloneyJ@gmail.com, and I guarantee I'll use 'em.

EDIT: I now have my own archive collected of every 'Cat Nip story so far. I've linked to it on the bottom right, under the countdown. This way all of the avid readers out there (Naz) have easy access to my previous works.

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