Monday, March 14, 2011

Busy Day

Today the UNH team checks two important tasks off their long to do list. Flying to Arizona State, and gloriously showing off your mustache. 25 days ago I challenged the team to not shave. Today, we see the results. Stay tuned for pictures and 'stache related games.

Switching to the actual lacrosse news, the Wildcats are flying out to Tempe today for a 3 game road trip. We are excited to showcase are east coast skillz and our facial hair. I know everyone is worried that they won't have any new posts to read as they sip on a pina colada but have no fear, I will be checking in and filling you in on the happenings in zona.

P.S. This goes out to the Red Hot Buffs. We feel your pain on getting snubbed from March Madness. Apparently an 11-18 record partnered with a strength of schedule of 312 and a rpi of 274 just doesn't get you in anymore. While everyone in Boulder is complaining over a burrito at Illegal Petes right now just remember, we got jobbed as well

relax responsibly

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